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Another thing that bothers me about Malcom X’s autobiography is when he goes into talking about how the Christian God was created by the white race. Both the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim God all come from the Abrahamic religion, so this God that he claims to be the black person God, is in fact the same God that he is turning against and causing a ruckus over in the Christian faith. I feel like he thinks God and Allah are two different dietys. I wish he didn’t attack this white God so much. It seems foolish for him to say how dumb this God is but how great and “black” Allah is.


I find this act of terrorism so disturbing. A friend of mine actually had to spend the Thanksgiving holiday weekend worrying about his son. His son was visiting Mumbai, India with his fiance who was introducing him to her family when the attacks began. Fortunately, they both were alright and able to get out of India and on a flight to JFK; and hopefully they arrived safe and sound this morning in New York. I hope that no one generalizes this attack and blames a group of people, (Muslims, Pakistanis, etc.) and these, as well as future terrorist attacks are viewed as a group of people who’ve committed murder. What do others think about the attacks? Hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend 🙂

its people like this that make me mad in the muslim world. i mean, how would he know about all this stuff if he hasn’t seen it himself? haha, websites that adorn man/animal marriages? great…do you have proof? or do you just want us to believe it because you told us? this guys also is the guy that gives tips to men on how to beat their wives. interesting individual.

he is kind of like the equivalent to the islamic redneck.

its a time in india where everyone is on the edge of their seat. who did it? why did they do it? the unimaginable tragedy has sparked many problems throughout the world. in pakistan, many riots have started forming in response to (but not limited to) the mumbai attacks.

the question in the air is whether the Deccan Mujahideen did it or Pakistani’s trained them to do it. either way, it is a sad thing to say that “muslims” were a part of this. i dont think they are justifying anything by doing this, in fact they are just ruining it for the rest of the actual muslims in the world that are living life like it should be. this isn’t jihad, this is an embarrassment.

you know? something that has always confused me a little has been what i’ve heard about sufis. i know that they are muslim and i know that they are uber spiritual. this means that in order to get in touch with their spiritual side, they read poetry, sing, dance, etc. so much that they get in touch with God. now, at the same time, i have heard that using alcohol and drugs also brings about the same effect, and some extreme sufis do this. what is their justification? at the same time, i have heard that in islam, people are not supposed to get drunk using alcohol. but i heard some people saying that having alcohol until you become tipsy or drunk is ok. what do you guys think of this?

so, i was reading TIME MAGAZINE the other day. in it was a little section about things going on in the world. i found that the National Fatwa Council actually is banning yoga. yoga? the reason? it can diminish a person’s faith…i think if anything yoga is used in certain circumstances to hone in and concentrate even more on one’s spirituality. since when has exercise been considered to be the root of all evil? simply put, it may be because it puts people in compromising positions but i highly doubt that if i assumed the “lunge pose” it would alter my belief in religion.

Alright I need to do like 15 blog post to reach my quota. I just read Malcom X so anyone that wants to carry out a conversation with me about this book, please respond to this. I will open up the conversation with his description of “Mr. Yacub”.  This is probably one of the stupidest things I have ever read in my entire life. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and Malcom X’s story telling ability is fantastic, but this part of the book was nothing short of idiotic. Anyone that believes this is ignorant toward the history of the world. I don’t see how it ties in with Islam at all. In fact in one of the last sentences of this chapter (I think “Satan”) he says how followers of Islam in the East hate this interpretation of Islam. I don’t see how they wouldn’t. It’s such a dumb concept for such a smart man to be writing about and believe in. How could he justify this? So… yeah comment on this or talk about whatever you want that has to do with this book. I’ll for sure respond. I have to.