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I think dignity is the innate self-worth that each human being is born with, regardless of race, color, creed, mental capabilities, and orientation.

Each human being has a right for their dignity to be respected. This means that there should be justice in the world, in the sense that each person receives “their due” or what they are needed to reach their full potential as human beings in the world. While this sounds a simple task that we each need to perform, it isn’t. Throughout written history-There has only been 20 minutes where world peace has existed. The rest of the time there has been conflict whether it be between nations or civil wars, genocide or rebellion, the world has been subjected to violence every minute, every hour, every day.

Human dignity is something that each person is born with. Dignity separates us from animals. It is somethign that we should protect, something that we should preserve and even die for. We all hope that we can die with dignity and be respected.

Sometimes dignity is a reality. And sometimes it is an impossibility.


Now that Obama has finally won, I wanted to hear what people think might be the reactions of people to him being elected. Personally, I think that he will do a great job and should allow people to focus on a variety of issues that have been in our society for a long time, such as race, class distinctions, the relations between people of various religions. I also think that his election will allow other nations to become more at ease with talks with the US since Obama wouldn’t be considered the “typical” president. Things should be interesting for the next four years, I hope.

All of what was said in that last post seemed, to me, to be fairly accurate. The one aspect that I would focus on more, though, would be the self-respect aspect. When I think of dignity, I think more about how one thinks of one’s self. It is hard to maintain one’s diginity, especially when people try to degrade them or make them feel worthless or abnormal. But without dignity, I feel that one becomes less than human and more pathetic and primitive in the sense of being more like an animal. Plus, it helps build one’s character to have dignity, and it provides them with the ability to overcome hardships. But again, it is hard to maintain with constant judgment by peers and society on what one does and how one goes about their activities.

In class we were asked to blog about our thoughts on dignity. I think that dignity is best defined as being reserved, or honored, humbled and valued by worth. I think it’s important to live with dignity so that your lifestyle can be a model for how others should live. Dignity, to me, also seems like a way to live life in relative balance and to live a life of material moderation and devotion to the divine. What do others think about dignity? According to Islam, how does a true Muslim live in harmony with dignity?  Does dressing modestly, especially as a woman, mean dignity?

An issue that I take with many American youths and adults alike, is how ethnocentric we are. For some reason we are under the immpression that America is the best, and everything else should conform to us. In the ‘Response to Barrier’ the writer mentioned that the purdah was in place to allow women the privacy to remove their facial coverings. Now to disclaimer I am  not 100% sure why they wear it, or how it is enforced. But if it is truly a matter of modesty and preserving the integrity of their bodies, then I think it is great. Just because it is not American doesnt mean that it is wrong. And to be honest I think there are many American women that could take a lesson on modesty…