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What exactly is dignity? According to The American Heritage Dictionary, dignity is the quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect. Also, dignity is the nobility of character, manner, or language. Protecting all lives and their dignity and honor is one of the important law/priority in Islam. I do not know exactly why that is; but, I would think respecting one another and not pointing at each others character is what God wants from His people. When we point at others, make fun of them, or disappoint them in any way is against God’s will. Plus, I think equality also plays a huge role in protecting one another’s honor, and pride. Since, all human (men and women) are equal, despite race and religious beliefs, we have no right dishonoring someone else’s self-esteem. We are no greater than the victim himself.


You know, that’s very interesting how you mentioned that encouraging marriage in Islam may be a way to stop pre-marital sex.  I know it sounds kind of crazy at first, but I think there may be some truth to it.  For example, it’s encouraged for the Muslims who are: 1- of age, and 2- have the means to marry.  For those who do not have the means to marry, they are encouraged to fast.  Now how are these two things related?  Fasting is a form of self-discipline and self-awareness.  By restraining yourself from wordly means, it brings your mind and heart closer to God, and I’d say it seems like a pretty good way to keep such people from engaging in relations outside of marriage.

I agree with the fact that you said during prayer you are supposed to have all your concentration on God.  An actual physical barrier between men and women are common in some mosques and not so much in others.  However, I do think males and females are seperated during prayer for good reason.  If you have an attractive woman in front of you praying and you see her bending over, I’m sure for some it would be hard to maintain your concentration on God and instead, you’d be checking her out. This practice definitely helps to prevent such digression from occurring.  Once again, I find this thought to be in place for its practical purposes, just as I think pretty much everything in Islam has its practical purposes, even if we don’t realize it.  Anyhow, yeah as someone else the actual barrier is used for other reasons such as maintaining their privacy for uncovering their face and what not.

While skimming some articles about the world reaction to Obama’s victory, it seems the thoughts are the same: most are welcoming to the new President elect. One article described the world reaction as “elation”. When reading about reactions in the Middle East, leaders expressed congrats to Obama and stated they looked forward to working with him. However, in Iran and to the Islamic army in Iraq, skepticism remains. I think Obama has a chance to help bring better communication between the U.S. and the Muslim world. I got the impression most countries are ready to begin a new chapter in U.S./Middle East relations. With Obama’s ethnic background, I think a better understanding can come about between leaders of the Muslim world and the new leader of the U.S.