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The world played a game of musical chairs and you never got your own seat. Throughout this game, you’ve shared a seat with many others. You once were hurt dearly when you shared a seat with another. People pitied you directly afterwards because of that. Many seat holders have changed. Many have died and never returned. Some fell off their seats momentarily and returned. You looked towards the world and complained that you were a people without a chair. Your more orthodox religious leaders pointed out that your own scripture labeled you as a people who would never have a chair of their own. But still, you thought you needed a chair. There is nothing wrong with you sitting down. Today, you are sitting in many places – as you have done before.

But it now seems as if you have a seat of your own. This is fine. I have no problem with you having a place to sit. But, everyone sat down and decorated their chairs over hundreds or thousands of years. You did not. I understand you want a seat of your own. I also understand that you have been acquiring a chair for quite some time now. However, it has come through slowly pushing someone else off of their chair. I am not okay with that. I think if someone else was doing what you are doing, then you would not be okay with it either. They now sit on a small portion of the chair and you complain about their presence. You two nudge for position on the chair but in reality it is no contest. You’ve grown strong. They have grown weak. In retrospect, you are slowly but surely pushing them off the chair. Just like one would slowly boil a dumb animal alive. Just like someone would slowly turn up the heat without anyone else noticing. Slowly but surely they are being boiled alive. Just like slowly but surely you are gaining a seat of your own.

It’s pitiful. Don’t justify it.


If the cabbie refused to drive the drunk people because they were being disrespectful or something like that, he has a right to refuse to drive them but if he refused just because they were drunk and going against his religious belief, then it is not right. It might annoy him to see others take part in something he is firmly against but come on, he’s a cabbie, a huge chunk of patrons are drunks looking for a safe ride home. I would think he would overlook that they are drunk because he is helping them and keeping them safe. Wouldn’t that be a higher priority?

Marriage: One of the most difficult relationships you will ever be in. -O. Mozaffar

Before looking at a marriage. both people are called to respect God and your parents (The wombs that bore you.) Must show respect to them and their wishes.

A man, in order to fulfill his duites in the marriage must first present a marriage gift. Now, while this has become a status symbol and can be taken advantage of… a marriage gift is anything from a set amount of money to a house etc.

Second a man is give the woman kindness.

His third responsibility, to provide for her. While a woman  has to duties: is to be obedient and keep his secrets.

Does not sound very oppressive to me.


Posted on: November 11, 2008

I am really excited about our group preformances on the Rumi poetry and I am glad that we don’t have any papers to write for this class. This class rocks!!!

I remember watching Olympics this summer and I noticed only one female Muslim athlete compiting as a sprinter. I always thought that conservative Muslim women were banned from engaging in sports like these and I think that lady certianly opened the way for other female muslims to compete in the international arena. She was covered from head to toe and I learned that her clothes was specially designed for athlets like here who adhere to modesty requirements of their faith. I think it’s wonderful to see more conservative female Muslim athletes out there since there aren’t many.

Leading Muslim organizations are calling for the Bali bombers not to be glorified, by branding them terrorists rather than martyrs or holy warriors.  The two organizations (Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) and Muhammadiyah) have said that by playing the bombers as martyrs it will inspire other Muslims to follow in their footsteps and give rise to more bombers.  They also added that by bombing, committing murder, and other violence carried out in the name of religion would not grant the perpetrators “a ticket to heaven”.  With the attacks the question of whether the image of Islam has been fostered on peace or violence.

The bombings were from a Bali incident in 2002, and the bombers were executed by firing squad this past Sunday.  Many groups are arguing over the support of the bombers and for it to lead on for song long before the execution.

I have seen Muslims pray when I was on a trip in Turkey and one thing that really struck me was the older women who were also prostrating and bowing, and I remember thinking that I don’t think my grandmother would ever be able to do that. Women had to prostrate and then get up on their feet, and then prostrate again, and it repeats three or four times I am not really sure now. I just think, besides the religious and spiritual side of it, that it’s a very good exercise for elderly and worshippers in general to stay fit.