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I know it’s been said already, but I have to agree. Big deal. My first and middle names are very caucasion with my last name being Mexican. A Mexican and a Caucasion thought up my name and I don’t get any grief for it. It should be the same for president elect Obama. The big deal is coming from America’s reaction to the Islamic community, which needs to be rethought pretty quickly. If most of the American today took some sort of informational class like we have on Islam and it’s beginnings, I’m sure there would be the same amount of celebration for the new president elect, but it would come more from the parties differing than the over zealous, stereotypical American.


If anyone is doing a little extra reading, other than the entire essay project we were just e-mailed…

Read “Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving” By Leila Abu-lughod. It is a very good piece, slightly outdated (2002) that talks about the War on Terror and our invasion of Afghanistan in correlation to whether or not Women need to be saved. The article first addresses Laura Bush and her defense of Afghani women. Durin g the speech Laura Bush was combining the plights of women. “malnutrition, poverty, and ill health, and their more recent exclusion under the Taliban from employment schooling, and the joys of wearing nailpolish.” yep. nailpolish.

The Western world places such a demand and importance on beauty, hair, makeup, etc. that not wearing nailpolish is terrorism. (well, not really, but not having the ‘freedom’ to wear nailpolish can be grouped in with malnutrition- which I think is just as crazy.) “The fight against terrorism is also a fight for the rights and dignity of women.”

Anyway, look it up, if you want to know more. its pretty interesting basically to see “US” impose our culture on “THEM”

I agree with what was previously written. People are just unhappy and uncomfortable with President Obama based upon his race and background. It is stupid and childish, but that is how most Americans react to such changes. Another problem is what the media keeps on spitting out to people. Often, it is just a bunch of garbage. For example, when Obama visited the White House, I was just watching CNN, and, I am being completely honest about this, they were talking about how “well” his reception was going at the White House. They weren’t talking about the economy or the wars or anything of actual importance. It is sad and pathetic that our media presents more of this crap then actual news.

I agree with you that Obama’s middle name should not be something that we are talking about in the media right now. But you said that religion is a big deal because of it. I don’t think it has anything to do with religion, I think its based on two things. One, that racism is still prevelant in the US, and people associated with the middle east are in the spotlight of it now. Two, that there a lot of people who are very unhappy (to put it nicely) about Obama being elected, and still try to bring out anything that may degrade him.

So I was reading the news paper a few minutes ago and came across an article about whether or not President-elect Obama will use his middle name, Hussein, for his inauguration. Wow.  Is that all we have to talk about in the middle of this economic and world crisis? What is the big deal about his middle name? Yeah, it is a Muslim name and his father was/is a Muslim.  He is a Christian.  Big woop. It’s kind of much to see how religion is a huge deal in this country when that’s one of the reasons why so many people immigrated here in the first place.