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As Hajj is approaching, I have received a few different emails about upcoming Islamic rituals during the first ten days of the month of Dhul-Hijjah.  One of them was that fasting for the first ten days is equivalent to fasting for an entire year.  Another was a hadith saying that the Prophet Muhammad (S) said that the actions and deeds performed in the first ten days of this month is better than if they were performed at any other time of the year…which was kind of interesting since Ramadan seems to steal the limelight regarding holiness in the Islamic year.  Has anyone else heard of these things?


I’ll be honest, when I first started reading this book, I thought it was going to be boring and torturous to get through. But I’m almost finished with it now, and I hate to admit it, but I really like it.
I had no idea Malcom Little had to transform so much through his like to become the man he was when he was sadly assassinated.  It’s amazing to think someone can come from a small town and a life of crime, to a well known, highly respected voice of authority in all aspects of the world.
I always like books I can learn things from 🙂

Whoa. . . that last post was sad 😦 I’m sorry to hear that horrific events are still occurring throughout the world today. I feel a strong sense of gratitude for the privilege to live in a safe and non-hostile environment; and to be able to have equal opportunities to education and jobs that many women would not have access to. I also wanted to comment about the Malcom X movie. I think Denzel did a fabulous job as Malcom X. It also shows that often times, it takes a spiritual or religious awakening to be freed from enslavement to illahs. . . alcohol, drugs, sex, money/material things, etc. To find strength at a time when blacks were being brutalized is heroic. How do others feel about the movie and/or the biography of Malcom X?

Yeah, you read that right acid. These guys attacked innocent  children just because they were on their way to school.  At the end of the article it said that girls were not allowed to go to school from 1996-01, until they were removed from power by the U.S. forces.  Why didn’t they let girls go to school when they were in power? I was just wondering because it seems so wrong to deny somebody the privilege to go to school just because they are females.  

Don’t go saying well we did it too, of course I know this already. I know that we denied the women the right to vote, communities in the south were segregated “but equal”, and that blacks couldn’t vote or attend the same school’s as whites.  It would just seem that after all the work we’ve done to reverse these wrongs, it just seems that there are parts of the world that remind me of our horrid past.  

I don’t know it just really irked me thats all. So, if anybody knows how customs and cultures are in the middle east, especially about girls going to school or anything about how women are treated would be beneficial to this post. thanks.

One of my friends said they had heard a little about transsexuality in Iran and said I should look it up. So I did! They have a very interesting policy towards transsexuals. I read an article that stated that when someone feels they need to become the opposite sex, the government is sometimes willing to pay for half of surgery. As soon as they mention wanting to change, they also have to get the surgery almost immediately. Also, their passports and birth certificates are changed to show the new sex. 

The weird thing about all of this is their views on homosexuality. If a person decides not to go ahead with a surgery, but still wants to continue cross-dressing, they are stuck under the scrutiny of being homosexuals and practicing homosexual acts. I’ve read a few times about homosexuals being punished very harshly and even put to death in Iran. 

Something to think about.

I thought this was super interesting. So, there was a 4 week research done on the general population’s internet search regarding McCain and Barack Obama. This article was published on the website provided below on November 4, 2008 by Director of Research, Robin Goad. 

“As in the US, our search term variations data from the last 4 weeks gives an insight into what things people are associating with each candidate. Like their American counterparts, British searchers are also curious about Barack Obama’s heritage and religion, with ‘barack obama biography’, ‘barack hussein obama’, ‘barack obama muslim’, ‘barack obama birth certificate’, and ‘barack obama middle name’ all included in the top 10 searches including the term ‘barack obama’.”

Just reading this article explains to me how desperate we all are to know the truth, and the whole truth. Curiosity can lead our imagination quite far. I say this because John McCain was searched as “John McCain Vampire” and Sarah Palin was searched as “Sarah Palin sexy.”

I totally agree with you. I think that during this economical crisis and the war in Iraq, and so many things going on in the world right now, the Media cares about Obamas middle name. So what if it’s Hussein? So what if it’s Bin Laden? So what if it’s John? I don’t see how his middle name has anything to do with important issues that we need to resolve. I think that US media can sometimes go too far in advertising irrelevant things, like the other day, the whole page in Chicago tribune was dedicated to Obama and him getting puppies for his daughters. I think it’s simply ridiculous.