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I searched Nation of Islam on google news and I started reading this article that was somewhat normal  by Louis Farrakhan and then I got to the section I pasted below that talks about aliens. When I was reading the Malcolm X talk about the Nation of Islam I got the image of a cult in my head. Statements made your leader discussing aliens during what is suppose to be a religious address to your followers does not help your cause. I wish all the best to the Nation of Islam. I hope this article does not hurt their organization.

This man who came, He pointed out to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad a dreadful looking plane in the sky. He said it was a manmade mechanical object measuring a half-mile by a half-mile; and in it were 1,500 little planes made like the sphere of spheres—the universe. But these are “little wheels” that Ezekiel saw 595 B.C. He had a vision of a wheel in the middle of a wheel, in the middle of the air that was a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.

And today, The Wheel that Ezekiel saw, that Master Fard Muhammad pointed out to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad around 1931, is a reality that is being talked about by governments and scholars and scientists all over the world. They call them UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects).

They’re not from another planet, brothers and sisters. They’re not aliens. They’re human beings just like you with superior wisdom to the wisdom of this world. That is why the government of America calls it “Top Secret,” because it cannot bring itself to admit that there is another Power; that there is more wisdom greater than any wisdom that they have. And that this sphere of spheres that is up above our heads, this government has no power to defeat it. It is there for two reasons: One, is the destruction of the wicked; and, two, is the planting of a brand new civilization on the earth.


You really only have to watch the first one to realize that Bill Maher is a complete moron. I do find some respect in the fact that he is talking about what he believes in and he is not holding back. Although, someone as dumb as him should not host their own show. I believe that religion gives people to believe in, perhaps the values of an after life holds as extrinsic motivation to live a life that is as pure and non-violent as possible. However, Bill Maher is really just trying to get under people’s skin. But seriously how cool is Cornel West? Mos Def is kind of dumb and Black Star is overrated. Talib Kweli and Mos Def are both Muslim though. I just realized that.

The first song was much more “artistic” than the second one. I cannot see how the first song would be taken for something offensive. If anything the argument should be whether or not it is Muslim art. Music was made to something that is very distinctive to Islam. Does this contsitute as Muslim art even though it was not made by Muslims? The second video however, is somewhat offensive. The guy looks really awkward doing that up on stage, however, I do not think he was trying to insult anyone. I do not think anyone would be that ignorant on purpose.

In my eyes, sampling anything is fair game as long as you do not harm anyone else. From what I take from it, the first video clearly liked the sound of the Azan, so they used it on their track. Even though Muslim prayer is very sacred, it is also a very interesting sound. 

The second video is a little different. He doesn’t look as though he deliberately wants to offend anyone, but it’s obviously offensive to mock anyone. They probably don’t even understand what they are doing when they are dancing in those positions. 

I feel like artistic expression can be used to take things very far and often art offends somebody in society, no matter what it is. Some Christian art is considered the ‘best’ out there, but i’m sure that a lot of offends people of other religions and cultures. To portray God as a white male with  long brown hair and a beard straight up offends me!!!!!  Who knows what he really looks like, that was just someone’s artistic expression that just caught on.

so, one of my friends was ecstatic to tell me about something she found on youtube. it is a video of a German synthpop band called AND ONE. this band has a song called METALHAMMER. in wacky german synthpop fasion, they sampled the Azan which is the muslim call to prayer. now, by doing this, do you think they meant to offend anyone? how far is artistic expression allowed to be pushed and still be called artistic? in my opinion, its fine. however, while searching for it on youtube, i happened to stumble upon another german synthpop group which covered METALHAMMER. this time, i think they may have gone a bit too far by having one of the singers pretend like he is prostrating and then begin dancing in the kneeling position. too far?

here is the song:

here is the cover of the song:

This is a response to essientely everybodys response on the movie. I agree that Ella should have been in the movie. What I dont understand most of all is how they did not include Muhammad Ali. Not only a prominant figure in modern American history, but also a very prominant American Muslim. I think Spike Lee should have included him. I also think Elijah Muhammad in that movie looked like a goon. With those glasses on and that ridiculous hat. If that is how he looked in real life I do not see how anyone could have taken him seriously. Take your glasses off.

I know that once in class we talked about how Muslims pray in different parts of the world, and how they usually face Mecca while in prayer. I just read an interesting article about the difficulties of Muslim prayer from space. Since Muslims pray five times a day at different times according to the position of the sun and the definition of a day. In space, astronauts go around Earth one time every 90 minutes. Will this count for one day? It seems very tricky. Also, it is almost impossible to pin point where exactly the city of Mecca is when you are way up there. The guy interviewed in the article said that just facing Earth will probably be good enough. I guess that about 150 scientists, astronauts, religious scholars and academics are gathered in Malaysia for an “Islam and Life in Space” seminar. Sounds like a great time. 

Malaysian Muslim astronauts took off with the Russians soon after this article was published in 2006.