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This week we talked about heaven in one of our discussions. Is heaven boring? What do we think it is like? For me, heaven is the ultimate place. I feel that it is the end of the line of life. The place we all want to aspire to go to. It is an extension of life. I don’t know heaven could be boring. In all our readings, from this class or other religion classes, heaven is painted as a pretty picture where life is all good and not boring. I think that it would be a big let down if it was actually boring. All this speculation, predictions, anticipation for what, boringness-I don’t think so… I can’t ever imagine what heaven exactly is for me. I just believe and look forward to seeing my family that has passed. I look forward to catching up with them about things even though I know they are aware of what has gone on on earth with my other family and friends.


After much time sitting at my computer, I found myself still staring at a blank computer screen without a single word in sight. I did not even know where to begin. I had a hard time reading the stories to begin with. Then, trying to write a paper on them was much more difficult. In class, we compared the stores for a short time. It made sense to me then what the stories were about and how to compare and contrast them. When it came to actually writing them, it was hard. In response to the skits, great job to everyone. I loved the creativity these skits allowed us to have. They were silly, and some of the time, the did not make sense but we were able to come together as a class, have fun, and still learn.

The book of wisdom was a good book. After the discussions in class and the skits, the muddy water became more clear. I was able to fully understand what the book was talking about. I am not much of an actor but I thought the play’s were awesome. They made it really easy to understand the point of each story. It was a great way to change up the calss. Seeing as it was a night class, the skits were a great way to keep up people’s attention after a long day. The book itself was good. very insitghtful into how much God is really a part of our life and the kind of way to make our relationships with him better if we wanted.

This week we had a discussion about life, how life has changed since starting college and what we would do if we only had one more week to live. These are hard things for someone our age to think about. Death is definite but not something that happens to us at this age. We are programed to think it happens to older people or the very sick people. The discussion got me to thinking about what I would do if I had only one more week to live. I dont know what I would do if I only had one more week to live. I would possibly travel to see all the natural wonders of the world that God created for us to see. I might also try to volunteer for others to make amends to things I did wrong. As my college years come to a close, I realize that living on my own has gotten me to be more responsible. I learned to be more responsible and how to live on my own. That’s life I guess…

Like the other stories we have read, I found this to be a difficult read as well Trying to understand the meaning of each story is not easy for me.

I think part of the problem is I am unsure what soem of the religous references mean. Being raised Catholic, this culture is VERY different than what I am use to, not that it is a bad thing. I do like though, how each story has a point to make. There is something to learn from each story. The book is more like a manual about leading a good life with I find interesting. It is interesting how even though this book was written so long ago, we can apply some of the life lessons taught then to our society today. Qutoes from the past can be applied to today.

I felt Deliverance from Error was an easier read from our first story but not by much. It was still a slow read for me. I must give this class credit though. My Monday’s were extremly long (8:15am-9:30pm) and this class kept me awake with a little humor and good discussions.

Deliverance from Error showed me on how much faith one could have. I am not religous but through the discussions on miracles, I came to realize that miracles are possible and it is ok to have faith they will happen.

Others have mentioned how the story talks about the inquisition. One student mentions that they felt there is a loss of inquisition in our society today. I tend to agree with that statement. Today we have so much technology at our fingertips that allows us to get all the information we need plus more and we have lost the desire to learn more. Just a thought…

This is my first blog. I have no idea what to write nor do I really have anything much to say. These blogs will be a challenge for me. Reading Hay Ibn Yaqzan, I was very confused with what was going on. I do not do very well with reading between the lines and trying to interpret what the meaning of things are. I am more of a literal person who needs the answer spelled out. After listening to what was said in class, things became a little more cleaar with the story. It was a slow read for me. I had a hard time trying to get into the story.

This class is my first time learning about Islamic beliefs and philosophies. When first starting the class, I was interested to see how it would turn out. It wasn’t all that bad. I learned a lot about another culture and it really broadened my horizons and taught me about something I didnt know anything about.