Islam students at LUC

Response: Perception is Reality

Posted on: July 24, 2010

Thank you for the stats in your post and your post in general. I think the readings make an attempt to alter the perception of Islam through various ways.  The readings hold true to the religion of Islam and there isn’t a forceful tone to them.  Instead, they invite readers to explore and stay open minded towards the text that is given.  Readers are invited to reflect for themselves.  The books on Prophet Muhammad and the articles we read online are directed to both Muslims and non-Muslims.  Depending on which perspective the reader is coming from, each person will get a different lesson or reflection from the reading.  I think that is a very important quality of the readings.  Just like how Professor Mozaffar told our class to bring things up in class to address, the writers seemed to have done the same.  They have addressed their topic from a variety of angles so that no matter who is reading their text, there will be something that sticks with the reader.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning process that has taken place so far and looking forward to the rest of the class. 


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