Islam students at LUC

Response: Women Rights

Posted on: July 24, 2010

Women rights should not be separate from religion and her right should be provided as explained in Quran.  As far I know women have given same rights as man in Islam.  They are allow to work outside of home IF really need it.  Girls can’t be force to marry anyone, their approval is necessary.  As far concerned about wearing Hijab it does say in Islam women should have her hair covered.  But we have seen in many countries that women wear Burqa, I think they do that for their own self protection because you will find men staring at women all the time.  As far you talking about stoning a lady to death after her husband have passed away…is happening a lot in areas where there is no education or people living in small villages.  So stoning women to death, men want to have dominant power, women wearing burqa, not allowing to work outside of home, getting girl married without her permission; is all culture based.

Professor, please correct me if I am wrong.

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