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Secular values from the Prophet

Posted on: July 24, 2010

Finding moral values as an agnostic is automatic for me, yet difficult to articulate when confronted about my nonbelief. One thing I find myself doing is separating the theology from the philosophy of a religious figure’s teachings in order to still respect the person and gain a moral message. With Eastern religions, I can find plenty of morality in the teachings of Confucius or the Buddha which don’t get too God-heavy. It is often difficult with Western religions, however, because the overriding message usually consists of “submit to God,” which I still find myself unable to do. With much more care and deeper looking, I am usually able to find plenty of teachings. With Moses, his eternal “Let my people go” is a rebuke to slavery, a political statement that I can agree with. Jesus had plenty to say when he wasn’t using more theological verbiage about God’s kingdom. Loving your neighbor as yourself or turning the other cheek are perfect examples.
Something I would love to find by the end of this class is that equivalent from the Prophet Muhammad. Already I am excited to have read of his exemplary honesty, his declarations of the equality of all people, and the kindness I found in accounts of simple friendly deeds committed by the Prophet. With time, I’m sure I will find even more morality to extract from another of the world’s religions.

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