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Tariq Ramadan

Posted on: July 24, 2010

While reading Tariq Ramadan’s book, In the Footsteps of the Prophet, I couldn’t help but be struck by his writing and the Prophet Muhammad’s story.  I knew some of Prophet Muhammad’s story due to friends and a previous class so I was aware of the fact that he was a pretty amazing man.  However, this reading really opened my eyes.  I really appreciated how Tariq Ramadan explained the lessons one can learn from Prophet Muhammad’s life–even before prophethood.  The fact that Muhammad was an ordinary person before learning he was a prophet deserves great respect, as another blogger mentioned.  What I find even more admirable is that Muhammad didn’t exactly have an ordinary life, he actually had a not-so-easy life, but he came out of his rough childhood with great morals and a deep understanding of the world he was brought up in.  Tariq Ramadan captured the importance of his childhood for his future prophethood.  His time spent in the desert taught him the importance of nature.  Nature holds an infinite amount of signs of the Creator and meditating on what it gives and takes away from us teaches us great lessons of faith.  One of the first lessons of faith come from nature.  Tariq has amazing writing ability and great insight; reading his book was a great and in-depth complement to the lectures in class.

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