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When one analyzes the many religions of the world, they seem to all accomplish the same thing. This is why it is difficult for a searching and confused individual such as myself to choose one. Which one is best? The one I grew up around, the ones I am learning about and come to appreciate even more (like Islam), or the many others I have yet to discover. For example, I really liked that exercise we did in class where we had to close our eyes and try and think about nothing, and then when we focused on a certain yearning within it was easy. But this is an exercise of a budding Buddhist as well, a meditation of sorts.

Islam offers a lot of answers for the inexplicable but so does a number of other religions. So my question is how does one decide? Is there supposed to be a point where we just KNOW, or am I waiting for a miracle or other piece of evidence?


Redrose143 I agree with some of what you said like marriage part and working outside the home; however, it seems that many of these countries are now being ruled by Mollas (religious men) who are failing to adapt to life in modern society. Maybe it is true that Quran does not indicate these rules the way Mollas are doing it. Unfortunately the members of those societies are suffering due to power of these uneducated “religious” people. I guess if you were to ask Mollas the same question, they will say that God wants these as it says in Quran. Surprisingly, there are actually some sections in Quran that does discriminate woman such as you can slap your woman if she is causing you trouble; also, women only get one-third of the inheritance whereas the men get two-thirds. This shows that there is somewhat of inequality for the woman. Originally my question was what makes it right for religion to control  women rights and why not men is subject to same level of restriction?

I really enjoy listening to my fellow classmates opinions on topics we discuss in class. We talk about some controversial topics sometimes and it is nice to see that everybody doesn’t bite each others heads off.

Also, the video we watched on the 26th was very interesting. I still think the video we watched about the pilgrimage to Mecca should be shown before that one. The pilgrimage video gave a very in depth visual on how the Muslims take the journey very seriously. The Quran video also gave a wide perspective of Islam.

Overall, the class is still very interesting to me. (It was awesome to see the professor in the video; wasn’t expecting it)