Islam students at LUC

Quran (vs. Bible?)

Posted on: July 31, 2010

I’m finding the study of the Quran to be incredibly fascinating. The only religious text I’m really familiar with is the Bible which I’ve come to be more critical of as I’ve learned more about religion and other belief systems. When comparing and contrasting the two, I can appreciate the lessons and inspiration each one provides. However, my criticism of the Bible, or rather taking the Bible literally, is first in its failure to carry across years of translation. The words in the Bible we read today are probably not as close as they were originally written down thousands of years ago. This is why I can appreciate the method of the Quran a little more, with it originally being passed down through recitation. Without getting too much into the debate on whether recitation or written record is more reliable, I think the messages the words carry are well-maintained after all these years and hold a little more weight when following them as direction for religious practice versus other religious texts which have been too much handled and manipulated by human interference. With the words of the Quran supposedly coming directly from God and not man, I can see where they would be easier to put more faith in.

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