Islam students at LUC

Re:No God, but Allah

Posted on: July 31, 2010

As far as No God but Allah, I think what it comes down to Is what someone has been taught as they were growing up. Using the name Allah in place of God in the U.S., is something that I believe Muslims are just used to do doing in prayer and religious conversation, so when it comes to more casual conversation it just seems right to use Allah in place of God. Being used to certain things is the household, will effect how you act in other places. When I was growing up the name of God was not even to be said in our house, other than in the correct context. We could use God in prayer or talk of the bible, but using it in form such as Oh my God, we would get in trouble. Even in one of the first two articles we read, the author says that Muslims in the U.S. should be able to use God in place of Allah.

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