Islam students at LUC

Women Rights Cont.

Posted on: July 31, 2010

Lipstick 22 I totally agree with your point of view when it comes to Mollas.  Even though they try to show that they are all religious, know a lot about Islam, and all the rules they make are based on Islam when they are totally wrong. Mollas are the most uneducated people I have ever seen.  Stoning women to death law is made by Mollas and they say we are punishing them for wrong doing.  I don’t know who they are to decide to punish women like this? What about when a male does something wrong, why Mollas don’t apply the same rules and law for them?  I think slap is ok is just to bring woman to right path.  As far concerned about inheritance women gets less because she is the responsibility of her husband and should not be living off her parent’s wealth.  Also, Quran also says if women works the money is for her to keep not to support the family because is the men job to fulfill the family needs.  From religion perspective men and women are restrict to same level restriction and will be punish the same way one the Day of Judgment for wrong doing. So religion defines the rights for men and women; is just the society that consider men with the high power.

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