Islam students at LUC

Posted on: August 2, 2010

About the movie we watched about Qur’an. I actually want to take back to what I said about it. I said it would be good to see it on the first day on class. Now that I thought about it longer, I think it would not be so good. I think our professor was right that movie is a bit too much of a commercial. I think that is main reason why I changed my mind about what I said. I think that it is good to play this movie around midterms. I think for the first day of class movie is just too much of the commercial and after watching it on the first day student may be discouraged about the class. They may think that it will be another class about loving each other etc. Besides, movie does not give enough background information. It also may kill students’ interest in class because movie tries to explain many issues that are discussed during class. Overall, I think it was good movie and it should be presented in class; however, around the midterm and not in the first class.

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