Islam students at LUC

Recitation vs. Gregorian Chant

Posted on: August 2, 2010

The examples shown of recitation were interesting. They reminded me on gregorian chants. Quranic Recitations and Gregorian Chants have a few similarities as well as a few differences. Both recite from passages from their respective scriptures. The manner in which they do so is also very similar. It is a very calm, reflective, and reverent manner.  I find that in that sense, both forms can be very captivating. Quranic recitationa and Gregorian Chant are also very different. The most obvious difference is that Gregorian Chants are Christian and Quranic recitation is Islamic. Gregorian chants do not usually very and they are organized into eight scales. Whereas one Quranic Recitation can be read and spoken in many different ways. how they are used is another interesting difference. Gregorian Chant is mainly used in Mass and Recitation can be used anytime. I have heard more Gregorian Chant because i grew up Catholic. I would like to hear more recitation in the future.

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