Islam students at LUC

The Human Side of the Prophet Muhammad

Posted on: September 19, 2010

In the reading, we come across many aspects of the Prophet’s life that make us realize that although he was  a prophet, he was a human being as well. His father had passed away even before he was born, according to one narration. His mother passed away when he was still young, so he did not spend a significant amount of time with is mother. He was an orphan. Later in his life, he lost his uncle Abu Talib and his wife Khadija. He starved just like his followers in the initial stages of Islam. He went through all the difficulties and more. He was not given everything on a silver platter just because he was a Prophet of God, not to mention the last Prophet. So this makes us realize that he was a Prophet of God but at the same time can be related to us in terms of the hardships and trials that he had to bear, which proves the human side of the holy Prophet Muhammad.

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