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Last Blog!

Posted on: May 9, 2011


I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the class throughout the semester.. even though it was my last of 4 classes on Thursdays and I was sometimes tired by the time I reached 7 pm. I feel that the class really opened my eyes to the Islamic faith. I think in order to be a person you must understand and be willing to open your eyes to others and their beliefs. I am very glad I took this class over any other Catholic class like Old Testament :/ Mr. Mozaffar was a great professor and very knowledgable and I would recommend anyone takes the class regardless of religion. I was really a bit worried at the beginning of the class think we were going to have tons of quizzes and papers but it turns out professor Mozaffar didn’t like to read them as much as we didn’t like to write them. I also enjoyed the skits.


Well I had to do a ton of the readings for the paper we wrote for the final. I found all of the books to be enlightening and explain the Islamic religion in a way was unique from the other readings. I could see myself doing these readings even if I was not in the class to just get a deeper understanding of the Islamic religion.


I read an article that stated that Egypt is basically entering a state of Civil War.  “Egypt is at the beginning of a great civil war. And this because of a small group of Islamic extremists who are stifling the ideals of the Jasmine Revolution, fomenting violence across the country” The article states that the government is weak and my be vulnerable to being taken over.The article states that Catholic churches are under the threat of attack.


Posted on: May 6, 2011


One more blog left…I will talk about the skits because I don’t believe I ever commented on it. If I did, I will make this brief and move on to last night’s final class dinner.  I think our skit must have been the best even though it was the first one and I only say maybe one or two other ones due to the Jay Sean concert.  It was really funny and I was impressed by our one group member who came up with an Arab version of the fresh prince song within the first 15 mins of class. We had some pretty good actors and luckily Professor Mozaffar was able to fit the role of uncle Phil just perfectly. Furthermore, the dinner last night was awesome. I made sure to go because Moz is a pretty cool instructor and an interesting individual as well. We had chicken and kababs, haleem, faludas, choule (sp?), etc. Very tasty food. It was a good time, I enjoyed myself very much so.


To be honest, the readings on Rumi were not my cup of tea. They were a little confusing especially because they were pertaining to religion so I had a hard time sometimes relating the love poems to like the concept of God just because you think of love poems as something romantic sometimes.

Interesting Topic:

I would like to know if the petition to keep intro to quran and islam as theology cores went through. Even though I’m graduating and they don’t pertain to me, everyone should have an equal chance to take this class if they so can. I would highly recommend it. My favorite topic was about the Jinn stories. Half way into the class the kid in front of me freaks out exclaiming “Wait, I don’t get it! Are Jinn like born?! Do they come from mothers!!?” I couldn’t stop LOL’ing it was awesome. I saw the kid out over the weekend and he comes up to me randomly and says “Jinn, I still don’t believe in them.” I think he was a bit inebriated but again, I couldn’t stop LOL’ing!! Wow, too much fun. Alright, unlike vipers, I need to go shower, brush my teeth, and go work on my last take home final of my undergraduate career ever for tomorrow now. Thank you and God bless islamicwordpress!!

Class: So I am looking at the list of blogs I have done and just noticed that I am missing 2 of them! I want to talk about the last day of class since it is still fresh in m  memory. Our talk about Jinn is one talk from college that I think I will have a hard time forgetting even if I tried to. Professor Mozaffar tried to make up some odd stories about women with 20 foot long tongues trying to close windows without getting out of bed and random old ladies chewing on infants’ limbs, etc. Although extremely entertaining, I think those stories were FALSE to say the least but it was a pretty awesome lecture nonetheless.

Reading: I don’t know why but I think the reading on the prophet and his wife Aisha sticks out to me the most. I just found it so incredibly odd that she was only between the ages of 6-9 (supposedly) when it all went down.  I’m glad professor Mozaffar addressed this controversial issue on the last day of class though so I didn’t have to graduate wondering what was up with that in the back of my mind for the rest of my life (God forbid).

Topic of Interest:

This class was so awesome and laid back. I mean I heard Moziffle was an awesome professor and his classes were just awesome but I was not expecting it to be this mind blowing. I mean he seemed pretty strict on the first day of class with the no cell phones, come to class every single day, and no eating but I think it was just a front as long as we hid our mcd’s under our desks or stuffed our faces with double cheeseburgers under 5 minutes or so. Actually I don’t think it would’ve been a problem if we decided to eat cheese burgers for the entire 2 and a half hours as long as we participated in the interesting lectures and came to class as expected 🙂

P.S. to the blogger under my post, thank you, that gave me a good laugh now I know who vipers is…moiz! LOL good luck with life after graduation.

In case you didn’t notice the title this is my last blog. Since it is my last blog I will be doing things a little differently. Had a good semester in Intro to Islam. Was a very good end to my college experience in the academics of Islam. Into to Quran and Masterpieces in Islamic Literature were good as well, but this was a good final knot in the Islamic journey through college. Now we must ask ourselves. How are we different then when we first entered college? How have we changed from a year ago, a month ago, a week ago? Is it a change for the positive or negative? Have we taken step forwards to improve our life or not? Have we increased our academic knowledge and spirituality?

All I have to say is yem. YEM YEM YEM. I did extra credit so I’m ballin with points so Its gonna cover this blog post. I did the Fordson Extra Credit, the Coming Closer to Allah, and handed in the quiz early for extra 7 points. On top of that I contributed mad style to class participation. If my points were money,  I would be 6 feet tall when I’m sitting on my wallet. I should donate them to charity. Maybe the quiet kids in class who never talked.


All I gotta say is: Peace and Love to the world. Stop hating. Learn to understand eachother and live amongst eachother with peace. Pass the peace around…. literally.

Alhumdulilah, Subhanallah, Allahu Akbar.

Assalamualaikum, khudafiz, Allahafiz.



The Rumi book was at first just a book of poetry to me. I thought it was going to be like The Divine Comedy by Dante that I’m reading in my writing intensive class. It was pretty good read though. If you read poetry with an open mind you will see that there is a lot of sumbolism in it. It is pretty deep mA.


We went on a fieled trip to one of the most boring speakers ever. Luckily there were snacks and drinks to keep my mind busy on chewing food. The chocolate covered strawberries were exquisite but the little shortcakes were a bit tart. The speech was kind of like an old White guy monotonously speaking about Islamic mysticism. I don’t know how he became intersted enough in the subject to speak so long about it but big ups to him!

Other: What is this planet? How did we get here? Are we real or is this all a dream? These are some the questions people ask along with asking if we would like fries with our meal. The thing is, not all questions need answers. Sometimes we need to close our eyes and meditate on them. We can infer the answer and just think. Just think.

Readings: these were the ends of the chapters of the book by Chittick. I always thought he had a very funny name and could not help but think of something sticky or buttery whenever his name is mentioned. One should pick a better pen name when writing a book as to not distract the reader. This chapter basically summarizes the purpose of the book, which is to introduce the reader to Islam in an academic setting. It talks about the Golden age of Islam and what type of accomplishments Muslim did back then. Pretty cool I guess. Importance is stressed on the Mid east retaining its identity and not copying White people aka the West aka the Illuminati.


We discusssed what Moslems do in their free time. Basically, the comcept of prayer and supplication. Yes, Muslims pray and supplicate to God when they are not studying or eating biryani. Prayer is the ritual of moving one’s body by prostrating and bowing down to God while reciting surahs from the Quran. Supplication, also called Dua, is when one asks Allah (SWT) for certain things and is also repenting.

Other: Back to the speech. So basically prayer takes us out of the physical realm. For 5 times a day we throw away our worldy life and cast of our problems to pray. This is a form of meditation in which we are at peace and do not think of the world. Only praiseing God and following the certain rituals and also thinking of ther afterlife. Because after all, all this work in life is to ensure a smooth time in the aferlife. Heaven ftw!

in class:

We discussed ihsan.  Ihsaan is the highest level of faith in Islam.  It is the level at which a person sees God in everything he does, sees, and hears.  He feels God’s presence in everything and in every moment.  He has a selflessness along with a self-less-ness.  This is an interesting way to look at life.  It is the closest that level that one can get with God.


In Memories of Muhammad by Omid Safi there was a chapter on Muslims with jews.   The interactions that the people at that time had was not the same kind of tension that exists today.  Medinah was made up of so many diverse groups of people.  There were the people that lived there before the prophet migrated, there were the migrated people, and the Jews of Medinah.


If Osama bin Laden was put on trial the whole world would be a witness to what he did.  It would actually probably be one of the most intense and complicated court trials.  However, it doesn’t seem like we will see that trial.  I’m not judging what is fair or not, but he should have had a trial.  This way his crimes would be documented in history books.