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So like everyone already said, last week we did not have class due to Easter Break :). I used my time off to relax. Anywayssss I started reading a different book, not required by our class, but randomly on Hadith. It’s An-Nawawi’sForty Hadith.Some of the hadith I read were mainly about intentions. It was nice to read about helping others and the rewards the person will receive. Not just about getting rewarded about helping others but also getting punished by hurting others and corrupting the minds of believers. WHen this happens, God closes the doors to Heaven for them. It’s always a good reminder whenevr I read these hadith.

SInce Professor Mozaffar claims that he reads all the blogs. He should be reading all these blogs and come to the decision to watching a movie in class. 🙂 I also agree to that and think we should actually achieve our goal of watching at least 7 movies. ONLY 3 WEEKS OF CLASS LEFT!!


We did not have a class last week. I went home instead and spent Easter with my family. It was a great time since I was able to also catch up with some friends and get ahead with some school work. In my Environmental ethics class, we are now discussing how different religions act towards nature. We have covered how Judaism and Christianity have similar beliefs while Buddhism and Hinduism are on the opposite side of the spectrum. In next weeks class we will be reviewing what the Islam view is and I will share what we discuss in my next blog.

In response to “sickbrag”, confused about what you put on the title… I believe that this idea of the group trained by the Bush administration to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran and who are to blame for the assassinations of the Iranian nuclear facilities is a very controversial topic. Many people can believe what is said here because of the factual information and somewhat credibility, yet I feel like opposing the article would be the easier route and the one that most Americans are willing to partake. That is because our society is quite patriotic and having to live up to a reputation like this from one of our previous Presidents seems absurd.

This week I read an article from Time that discussed how Islam may be the key to finding a peaceful solution to Iran’s Nuclear Talks.  Apparently nuclear weapons are seen as sinful in Islam, and Iran’s leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has been saying that they are off limits.  However, Iran can justify their need for nuclear weapons, if it was believed that such weapons were needed for the survival of the state.  In summary, Iran publicly opposes nuclear weapons, but may be pursuing them as a “defensive measure”.  I was really glad that I found this article because it gave me some great information on a world topic that I wasn’t aware of, and it taught me something new about Islam.

In response to alphabum359, it sounds like you had a lot of fun on that community service project.  I am not sure why, but I have also notice that there is a preconceived notion that Christians and Muslims cannot work together for a common good.  One of the most interesting things that I have learned this semester is how similar a lot of the stories found in religious texts are, and the messages that they portray.  Those messages provide similar morals for most religious followers, and there is no reason that they should not be able to work together in order to accomplish a goal that aligns with those morals.

First off, Im so glad that Tariq Ramadan will be speaking at Loyola and its extra credit.. win win. He has been one of my favorite contemporary intellectuals. I recommend reading his book  “In the Footsteps of the Prophet”.

Recently a friend of mine (who actually says he knows Professor Mozaffar…what a small world lol ) shared a link on Facebook called ” Saudi Princess: What I would change about my country”. In the article Princess Basma, who is the daughter of King Saud, the former ruler of Saudi Arabia talks about how she is proud of her culture but still thinks there need to be civil laws which govern Saudi society. Certain things she would like to see changed are the constitution and divorce laws to name a few. I agree with Princess Basma, in the fact that the rights of Saudi people need to be expanded. Women’s rights should also be an important concern for the country. There is no better time than the present for the Saudi people to be given the fundamental basic freedoms that are lacking in their country. Read the article!

In response to everyone else who talked about the issue of doing Yoga, I also found that to be strange. An article on BBC mentioned how millions of people in Malaysia were banned from doing yoga and that the Islamic authorities have issued a ruling (fatwa) instructing the country’s Muslims to avoid yoga because of its Hindu roots. I do not think yoga interferes with practicing Islam. Yoga is meant to be calming and as a form of meditation, I would think that it would help any person from any religion become more calm and self-aware. Things like yoga shouldn’t even be an issue. There are far more important issues to focus on; banning yoga is an intrusion on people’s rights. I am glad I don’t live in Malaysia but feel bad for those who are having their basic right of practicing yoga being taken from them, it is a silly ban.


Posted on: April 10, 2012

This week, I watched a documentary about hajj, which is the pilgrimage to Mecca that is an obligation for Muslims. It was interesting that people save money their whole lives to go to Mecca for the hajj. An expert described the whole experience as multiple super bowls each year with the crowd as the players. It seemed that the great numbers of people would distract one another from the real reason that they are there. People must worry about not being trampled or hit in the head with a rock, instead of praying to the lord.
In response to lollipopsgumdropsandsunshine’s discussion on special numbers. I have always wondered about those numbers. Is it just coincidence that they all are the same number? or maybe it is that they are rounded numbers? I also wonder if these numbers also exist in Islam. I know that Jesus is in the Qur’an, but what stories are the same, and are the numbers the same. Also, I wonder if there are any trends like this where multiple stories have repeated details in them.

Only recently I learned how to post here so I am still very excited about it. It is so funny how last time I wrote on this blog I was 5000 miles away, and now I am back here. Hello globalization, does it make our life better? Or does it just make it easier? I would not know how to answer this question. I saw many people wrote about us watching a movie this upcoming Thursday, and I have to say that I agree with it 100%. Regardless I am a big believer that movies can be very educational, and very effective on the student, and of course better the conventional learning, which is sitting in class and listen to a lecture, let’s be honest with ourselves, how many people really listen to the lecture?!

I read a few days ago that the Iranian president stated that they are moving forward with their nuclear plan, and even killing scientists will help, they will continue moving forward until they are ready. This behavior really scares most of the Arab world, who called many times for the president to stop with his evil plans as it will affect the whole world, and not only the existing enemies. Also, in Syria today there was a seize fire between the government and the rabbles, my questions is, if most people are against the government, who is the rabble? People doubt it will make any change, but at least hope for the blood spilling to stop.

In response to confusedbanana19 I did not even know that there was a tension between Islam and Yoga, however, I can see why, Yoga is a performance of a different religion, and one religion would not want to be associate with another religion, or with another religion’s virtues, as the religion would than not be unique. I went to my accountant a few days ago and I brought my dog, and he was really mad, and told me that it was against his religion, I have never heard something like this before, but I will explore more about it in order to understand more.