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Blog 12

Posted on: April 18, 2012

This past week in class we had a really interesting discussion about Islamic spirituality. We learned about the three levels of god consciousness, Islam, Iman, and Ihsan. I had learned about these levels before but they were defined slightly differently. It was interesting because I had never before thought of hope of salvation or fear of damnation as an external reason for performing acts of worship, I had thought these were a means to a goal which is salvation. I really liked last weeks class because it was a discussion about what Islam is at its core, ones relationship with God.I cant even imagine how beautiful being at the second or third levels would be, I cant even concentrate on my 5 daily prayers properly and to think that one has God consciousness permeating their entire being is truly awe inspiring in my opinion.  I thought last weeks class was really interesting because it really illustrated how personal ones faith is.


In response to always pc I also think its really interesting to view the way a person at the Iman level thinks. I feel like every action or experience would in essence serve as a metaphor that would remind one of God. I think that if one was reminded of God every second then they indeed would have to have perfect character because this would make one remember that God is watching their actions. Like in the trash example alwayspc used one would be reminded of God and pick up the trash instead of leaving it there, this would be something that a person of good character would do.


Blog 13

Posted on: April 18, 2012

Last week in class we talked about the different levels of spirituality and the pillars of Islam. The levels of spirituality were hard to understand partially because there is no way to be sure where a person is on the spectrum. It is something that society can’t know, however people who have the best relationships with God and see God in everything are supposed to comfort others who are merely in their presence. We also talked more in depth about Muslim prayer, which I had never learned about before. We talked about how sometimes habits can become meaningless to a person if focus is lost.


In response to foxtrot 2012, I appreciate your understanding of learning new topics. If I hadn’t taken this class, I really don’t think I would know anything about Islam. That being said, college is probably the best opportunity to take on new things. I could have easily taken a class on Catholicism to satisfy my core requirement, but it probably wouldn’t have been very interesting after about twelve years of Catholic schools. Islam as a religion is wrongly accused of being a violent religion by many people, and I am happy I chose to learn about it to find out otherwise. No one should form an opinion before they have the facts.

I really enjoyed the discussion in last week’s class. We discussed the three levels of faith which are islam, iman, and ihsan. I really liked the metaphor of the falling of a leaf as an explanation of the three levels of faith. We also discussed the difference between the prayer of the tongue and prayer of the heart. Although the prayer of the tongue is what you think you want, the prayer of the heart is more deeper and it reflects what your heart actually wants.

In response to jkdsc89316, I agree that the it is completely ridiculous that anyone would try to justify a horrendous crime, like killing 77 people, with the excuse of “protecting” Norway from Islam and Muslim immigrants.This anti-Islam sentiment reminded me of France’s controversial policies that were attempting to prohibit women from wearing the “burkha”. Sadly, intolerance to diversity is present in all nations.