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Once again, this will be a megablog.   Not quite sure how many blogs were supposed to have 13, 14, 15? Lost? Yes.  Well, here goes nothing.  I saw this article on Facebook that was shared and not really sure if the women that they are talking about are Muslim or not but it talks about how Pakistan is the third most dangerous nation for women to live in.  The article dives into the lives of 6 women who have been abused, shamed, and taken advantage of all for being women.  I read the stories of  women who were born into poverty and were unable to escape the never-ending abuse.  These women live in a city where the men are priority and the women are basically property.  The women are supposed to cook, clean, and take care of the children.  If ANYTHING isn’t to the liking of the male of the house or husband, the wife is often times abused mentally and physically and raped.  In one of the stories, a young woman of age 18 was raped after she went to her uncles house to get more bread for a family party.  She went to her uncles house and didn’t know there was another man there.  He took advantage of her and ruined the rest of her life.  Because she is said to be “un-pure” since a man has taken her virginity that is not her husband, she is no longer worthy by any of the males of the tribe and is no longer eligible to become a wife.  Therefore she can no longer have kids and be the typical wife that is expected of Pakistani women of this tribe.  Another story includes a woman who shares her stories of being beaten not only in her home but also outside in the streets for all to see. She said she has had 3 miscarried babies because her husband has beaten her, and has not even shown mercy when she was pregnant.  One time, she recalls she was pregnant with twins and one of the twins died because her husband was kicking her and killed the son that she was still carrying.  She states: ” When I shower, I look down at my scarred body and I cry.”  This is so depressing to me and I can’t believe that men could be so heartless and cruel to women.  I could not even imagine someone beating a woman especially when she is pregnant with babies.  I was appalled at this article and made me realize how easy I have it to live in a country with just as many rights as men do.



Posted on: April 23, 2012

Last week in class was our final day of class. It was sad that it ended. We talked about a variety of diffrent things but the most intresting thing we talked about was Jinns. I always thought of a Jinn being something that was similar to a ghost. I never knew that a Jinn could also be something that was good for another human. The stories that people were talking about were pretty freaky to listen to. It amazes me that people have encountered with ghosts in that way. Ive never had an encounter with a ghost in a really big way but i do believe that these things are out there and we should always take precaution towards it.

In response to thedarkloard i agree that if i ever saw a Jinn i would probably run away as well. I do agree that a Jinn is neither good or evil but that it just exists. I dont really understand the purpose of a Jinn however i mean are they on this planet to help someone in their life or are they here to ruin someone elses life. I just think that if somebody did see a Jinn it is best to stay out of his way because they are probably really scary to even look at. I do believe that Jinns do exist because they are mentioned in the Quran and anything mentioned  in the Quran has to have a purpose behind it.

Last Week in class we discussed several random aspects of Islam. We concluded our discussion with a discussion of Jinns. I personally had no idea what a Jinn was, I originally thought it was a ghost similar to that of Casper or the boogey man. But after hearing the stories told by my fellow classmates the idea of a Jinn became even more strange. I don’t know if Jinns exist or not but if I saw a seven foot man with a beard that stretches to the floor like Big Daddy recalled in class I don’t know what my reaction would have been. I hope I never have to witness a Jinn in my life.

In response to voyagerreprise I was also intrigued by the idea of the Jinn, I also wondered the same question. Does the appearance of a Jinn have some sort of important purpose on ones life? I would think it would, but from our class discussion it seemed the opposite. It was made clear that a Jinn is neither good or bad it just exist. It was odd that the appropriate response to seeing a Jinn was to just ignore it and go on with your business. From a non-muslim standpoint the immediate response to seeing a Jinn would most likely be to run.

Last week, the class was able to decide a specific aspect of Islam to discuss, and we chose the interesting topic of Jinns.  I had never heard of Jinns before taking this class and was somewhat fascinated, yet spooked to hear about their existence.  My interpretation was that Jinns were a type of spirit that can be either good or evil.  It was very interesting to hear my fellow classmates’ encounters with and beliefs about the spirit.  In particular, Big Daddy’s story seemed very frightening for such a young boy to experience.  Do Jinns cross human paths for any particular reason?  I could imagine that any encounter with a Jinn would impact one’s life greatly. 

            In response to shibli6, I also enjoyed learning about Islamic spirituality and the three different levels of faith.  Islam, Iman, and Ihsan still confuse me somewhat in terms of what each exactly constitutes, but I do have a basic understanding of each.  In my opinion, specific acts for ensuring salvation and avoiding damnation have always been a reason for certain people to follow religion.  Though it is somewhat sad, I believe that all people should have some sort of faith, whatever it may be.  I also really enjoyed class because it felt much more personal than any of our previous classes.  I learned many new things and it was a great way to end our last session together. 

My last two blogs will be consolidated into this one section. Last class we started talking about jinns. I only know a little about jinns from another course but I am very interested in jinn (ghost) stories. I think they’re really interesting. I also was very happy to have that brief discussion about beliefs in general. I love studying religion but I find that classes are always more engaging when you know the classmates personal opinions. I know that my opinions are always seeping their way into my comments, even though I try to separate them from the material. I’m sad that this course is over. It was a great way to spend a thursday night.

Also, I am very pleased with our final assignment. I have so much stuff going on right now that our final essay is the perfect compliment. I think that we can all write very effective essays, despite the short length. I often find that my writing is better when the length is short. It allows for more concise points and thought processes. I am currently making an outline for the essay and hope to submit it this week. Extra credit? That’d be amazing. Anyway, thanks guys for making the class very engaging and hilarious.

On another note, I am very stressed out about finals week! I am already in vacation mode and doing essays and study guides is killing me! However, I am very excited for our dinner, whenever that may happen. I love trying new restaurants.

One thing that I’m disappointed about is how few movies we watched! The first day of class, Mozaffar said that we’d probably watch a movie almost every class..I was very excited! We only watched three movies? I think? I think we could have watched a couple more.

I keep submitting this blog and then I realize that it’s not long enough! Oh well. 332 words will have to suffice. Have a good summer everyone and good luck in the fall!