Islam students at LUC

Posted on: April 25, 2012

I must say that this class has been very insightful and an amazing learning experience. Last class which was our final class, we discussed the importance of the five pillars of Islam and how they ultimately connect an individual to the Devine. Yet, what popped in my mind in regards to our class discussion was the works of charity and the reason people give to charity. We spoke a lot about selfishness and selflessness. One of the five pillars requires a Muslim to perform an annual Alms and thus is it done with the idea of selfishness or selflessness? I honestly feel that no matter the reasons of why a person does a charitable act in the long run that act will go for good. I do believe that people do good because they want to at least feel like they are paving their way to haven and I truly see nothing wrong with that- good is still being done which is benefitting a person or persons in need.

I have truly taken a lot from this class and have a better understand on what Islam is and what it stands for.

In the news front I found an article from Al jeezra called, ‘Why Arab Women Still do not have a Voice’

Amal al-Malki, a Qatari author says that she is largely skeptical of recent developments and says, if anything, the Arab Spring has only highlighted the continuing “second-class citizenship” of women in the region.
She argues that despite some progress made, Arab women are still largely absent in the public arena.
“We have no voice. We have no visibility… And I am telling you, this is why women’s rights should be institutionalised, it should not be held hostage at the hand of political leaderships who can change in a second, right? Governments should be held responsible for treating men and women equally.”

To my fellow classmates who are Muslim women, do you agree and feel the same way in that Arab women still do not have a voice in this day and age?


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