Islam students at LUC

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Posted on: April 25, 2012

I have to admit that I had two very good classes this semester, and this is for sure one of them. I really appreciate the way the material was passed on to us by the professor. Coming from a land that surrounded, and have, a big Islamic influence in it I saw how little I know. Even in Israel, despite the conflicts, any Jewish person knows that Humus you eat at the Muslim cities, and not the Jewish.


In Israel yesterday, we remembered the soldiers who died to protect Israel. This day is very important to us and has a lot of people to many people, especially people who lost their beloved ones. I heard over the news that an extreme Islamic group is planning on going to damage this memorial stone, where 10 Israeli soldiers were killed in the 1967 war, in Sinai. I felt really bad, and I asked myself why they would want to do something like that. After learning about how much Islam is a peace religion, to see these extremists, and the way they behave, makes one want to not believe in religion, in any of them.

In response to foxtrot2012, religious discrimination will always appear, and will always be towards something different. And every time that something bad will happen, and one religion will be involved, somehow, the people will aim all their hate towards that religion, unfortunately ignorant people see very narrow. I wish any discrimination will stop and we will all live in peace.

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