Islam students at LUC

Blog 13

Posted on: April 26, 2012

I didn’t expect last class to be the last class so I was kind of sad but other than that class was cool. I thought the Jinn story that Mozaffer told was pretty cool. It was one of the first Jinn stories I was told and wasn’t even scared of. Overall I really liked the class because while one was being taught the Islamic Paradigm one was also taught to reason, think and question for themselves. I liked how the material was presented in an engaging manner so you would think about it for yourself as well.

In response to alphabum 359 I would have to say although I do agree with your reasons behind Hijab and why you think its beautiful I would have to say the beauty of hijab goes far beyond the exterior. I think that because the act is external many people link it mainly to appearance but I feel the real beauty of it lies in the fact that you are doing it for your creator. Even though wearing Hijab is a physical act it is highly linked to ones spiritual self. I feel that there is immense spiritual value in modest dress, and often these values are lost in the din of arguments about whether or not hijab is for or against women’s liberation. I know that for me personally I think of wearing Hijab as always being dressed for prayer and this helps bring a prayer like focus to ones life. The act of being dressed for prayer helps remind me of Gods continuos presence in the world and therefore guides my actions accordingly.

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