Islam students at LUC

Blog 14

Posted on: April 27, 2012

Last Thursday was our last class of the semester. We finished talking about the five pillars of Islam, and I thought it was pretty cool how everything is by a time period–day, month, year, lifetime. Before class ended, people shared a few Jinn stories. It was interesting to see the divide in people who believe these stories and people who don’t. I believe that since we can’t prove them nonexistent, it is possible that these things are true. That being said, I also believe in the power of the human mind. Anything that seems real to you is real as far as you’re concerned.

In response to ilovegoodreads, that article about the 12 religions in 12 months is really cool. I think that it is a true way to see life from many different perspectives in a short amount of time. It must have been a massive time commitment to learn about so many religions to be able to practice them and experience them in the fullest way you can with only a month. I feel that something like this would show a person how similar many religions really are, and how crazy it is that some religions hate each other. I bet it was a really great experience.

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