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Recently I have been considering what I might do upon graduation for a career. In my considerations I have decided to take up Arabic and focus on the culture of Morocco for study abroad in the fall of my senior year. In preparation for this opportunity, I have read numerous books on the culture and political nature of the country of Morocco and was intrigued to find that Muhammad VI, the King of Morocco, is also constitutionally declared as the supreme spiritual “Commander of the Faithful”. As one of the last remaining Monarchies of the world; and certainly the last that declares direct dissention to the Prophet Muhammad, I am interested in studying the language used around the government and Islamic Public.

In response to Studentwriter from 2008, it’s a shame that even 4 years later our elected leaders haven’t decided to douse their brains with even the most fundamental understanding of the world. Just a few weeks ago a republican candidate for congress in Oklahoma asserted that the female body has ways of rejecting pregnancy when raped…he clearly does not understand egg + sperm = child. To be writing in response to your post 4 years later diminishes hope that our elected leaders have become any more educated on the sensitive issues regarding religious tolerance and the proper application of the first amendment in this country.