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We had so much fun last week. Every group created different interpretations of Joseph’s story, but the skits still contained the main lessons. I think doing the play helps me understand the story better. Also, I also got to know my group members better. Instead of boring lectures, I think this activity is a good idea in many ways. All of the groups are very creative, and the “Jerry Springer” Skit really deserves the best performance.  I can’t believe that the story of Joseph can be re-done in full of humor. I hope that we’ll do more activities like this in the future.

In response to loyolaprooo, I totally agree with you that the one who acted as Khan was the best actor so far. He made the skit more interesting because of his acting and the dialogue. I paid so much attention on him that I forgot the others. The judges didn’t give a lots of positive comments, but I think they did a good job so far. Overall, they came up with the choice of best performance, best actor and best actress that we all agreed with.



This week we did skits, which was an entertaining class period. Since I handled a good amount of the writing of our skit, I found that it was helpful to have the outlines that we did last week to help guide the writing of the script and get to the basic message of the story quickly. I also thought it was helpful to interpret the play, since I really had to go back and find the smaller details that helped fill out the larger story that we were trying to tell. Since we went with the Jerry Springer idea, we had a lot of room to add small details, like the “t-shirt test”, which brought in the idea that the shirt was ripped from the back. Since I played Joseph, I also tried to continue to go back to the idea that Joseph was always looking towards God, so even though I improved a lot of the lines (and wrote my lines) I always tried to throw that in, which helped me understand who Joseph was as a character.

In response to CatLover1415, I also agreed I was frustrated when we were first assigned skits. I have not had very good experiences with group projects, and often I find that skits boil things down to their simplest points, rather than a contextual/deeper understanding. However, I actually found that it was enlightening to see the story from several different angles. I also thought it was fascinating that people picked up on different aspects of the story that I didn’t focus very much on. For example, I noticed that the “Snow White” group brought in the last scene where the father is lured to the capital under the ruse that one of his sons was caught stealing. I completely missed that part when I was writing my skit, so it was a good reminder of that aspect of the play.

During the last class, we presented our skits which were based upon the story of Joseph. As tedious as this task seemed at first, I really enjoyed watching all of the skits being presented in their own unique ways. While the story of Joseph is one that holds much religious significance within Islam and other religions, it was presented in such a light hearted way through these skits. Surprisingly, this whole exercise not only made the story more clear, but also really drove home the messages and meanings which it contains. I was extremely entertained by each one of the groups, and laughed my way through almost all of the skits. It has been really refreshing to be in a theology class in which the material isn’t just presented dryly through constant lecturing. I generally don’t like doing presentations or group work because it can get really tedious, but the fact that this assignment was so open ended made it fun and stress free. In general, after this past week, I can confidently say that I have a fairly clear understanding of this story which I was introduced to only a couple weeks ago. 

In response to enock4:

My favorite skit was the Jerry Springer one, as well! While I was falling off of my seat laughing, I really did think this group did a great job integrating the themes of the story of Joseph into their skit also. I agree with your point that each group represented the various ways in which the same story can be interpreted. I think that the culmination of all of the groups’ ideas allowed the class to be exposed to almost all (if not all) of the main ideas and lessons rooted in this story. I also believe that the judges were spot on with their decisions. The group that presented the snow white skit seemed to really have put a lot of time and thought into integrating all of the themes shown in the story of Joseph, while the guy who played Rizwan Khan was phenomenal at his role. 

In this weeks class we put on our skits portraying the story of Joseph. Everyone was great and the storylines were all incredibly unique. All of the skits really brought to mind of how much we are influenced by these stories from our past. When we first got this assignment, I thought that it would be very hard to come up with ideas. I thought that it would be next to impossible to think of modern day stories that would be able to incorporate the story of Joseph. However, when I really thought about it, it was amazing how many stories incorporate at least a part of the story and how many stories were adaptable to the story of Joseph. Watching everyone else perform I was able to see how much we are affected by this story in our everyday lives. The simple message to stay strong through adversity and never lose my faith is something that I can hold to almost every day.


In response to ts88


I agree with what you said about how the real assignment was about seeing how people interpret things differently. It was really interesting to see how people incorporated the story into modern times. By doing this we were able to see what people got out of the story. The things that the people included into the story showed what they found to be the most important parts of the story. There were groups that tried to be as faithful to the story as they could, and there were groups that changed almost the entire story but kept the central message. All in all it was an awesome exercise that I believe brought classmates together in better ways than simply having the teacher lecture. I think this helped us come together as a class and showed us that even though we don’t think alike we can still have a lot of fun.

The past week in class we did skits that depicted the story of Joseph in the Quran. I really loved everyone’s interpretation of the story. Each skit brought to light a unique side of the story. I think it is very interesting how nine groups displayed the same story in very different ways. From Jerry Springer to James Bond the skits displayed the message of the Joseph story while adapting it to modern life. I feel like adapting the ancient texts that can teach us so much to modern society is most religions biggest challenge in the 21st century. Without adapting people will be unable to relate to the ancient stories we hold dear to our hearts. 

In response to bluebythelake2013:

I totally agree with you that the idea of doing a skit in front of the entire class was a bit daunting. I also was shocked how much I enjoyed watching everyone’s performance. The comedy and skill of some of the actors was a great surprise. I also enjoyed working with my group and in general thought the whole assignment was a great experience. In general the skits were a great way of adapting the story of Joseph.

Last week it was really different and fun. Instead of lectures or discussion, each group performed their skit trying to interpret the story of the Prophet Joseph. There was so much difference between the skits that you could have not believe we were interpreting the same story. The themes of the story range from James Bond to Lion King. Almost all the group prepared great scripts and preformed amazingly showing the creativity and dedication of the class. By far the best actor was Khan from “My name is Khan” skit. He really made the skit very funny and interesting. Not just because of the dialogue but also his acting. He was the best that represented his character. 

All that said. I thought all the groups did a great job but the judges were a little too tough in the groups. But, that wasn’t the worst I think the worst is that they didn’t give positive criticism.

In response to ts88: I agree with you. Class last week was so much fun. The group project not only made each group of students get closer and know each other but the class as a whole. It was able to give a voice to students that maybe don’t talk that much in class the opportunity of a leading role and the other students to see it.

Last weeks class was a lot of fun. At first I wasn’t really into doing skits, like a lot of my other classmates have stated. I really don’t enjoy public speaking, it’s not one of my favorite things. But when I saw how at ease everyone was up there, and how everyone just seemed to be enjoying themselves, it really calmed my nerves. I really enjoyed everyone’s different approaches to how they interpreted the story of Joseph, it was really interesting, and so entertaining. I liked the guy who played “Khan” in the “My Name is Khan” skit, he was brilliant, and I definitely believe he deserved to win best actor. I also really enjoyed the “Jerry Springer” Skit, the t-shirt test, and the acting was hilarious, it was such an interesting approach, and very unexpected. All in all, I really enjoyed the last class, it wasn’t what I expected to be at all, I was laughing the whole time, and the activity was a really good way to get to know my other classmates as well!!

In response to greenchipmunk I agree with you, I also think that each one of us took away a different message from the story, and the skits made us understand the story even more. The skits also showed me how we could all interpret one story in so many different ways.  I think that may have been one of the reasons for doing this assignment, was to see how many different interpretations of one story we could all come up with. It was really interesting to see how each group was going to relate their TV Show/Movie to the story, and I think everyone did a great job at getting the morals and message of the story across in their skits.