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Posted on: February 24, 2013

This week we did skits, which was an entertaining class period. Since I handled a good amount of the writing of our skit, I found that it was helpful to have the outlines that we did last week to help guide the writing of the script and get to the basic message of the story quickly. I also thought it was helpful to interpret the play, since I really had to go back and find the smaller details that helped fill out the larger story that we were trying to tell. Since we went with the Jerry Springer idea, we had a lot of room to add small details, like the “t-shirt test”, which brought in the idea that the shirt was ripped from the back. Since I played Joseph, I also tried to continue to go back to the idea that Joseph was always looking towards God, so even though I improved a lot of the lines (and wrote my lines) I always tried to throw that in, which helped me understand who Joseph was as a character.

In response to CatLover1415, I also agreed I was frustrated when we were first assigned skits. I have not had very good experiences with group projects, and often I find that skits boil things down to their simplest points, rather than a contextual/deeper understanding. However, I actually found that it was enlightening to see the story from several different angles. I also thought it was fascinating that people picked up on different aspects of the story that I didn’t focus very much on. For example, I noticed that the “Snow White” group brought in the last scene where the father is lured to the capital under the ruse that one of his sons was caught stealing. I completely missed that part when I was writing my skit, so it was a good reminder of that aspect of the play.

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