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Blog #6

Posted on: February 27, 2013

This week in class, we discussed the topic of the levels of faith as well as the difference between a selfish person and a selfless person. In my opinion, I believe that it is difficult to be truly selfless. There is always a part of you that is doing this action for yourself, whether you know it or not. For example we brought up the example of a child that fell off his tricycle in the middle of the sidewalk. Would you help the child? My answer would be yes! Now, I may think this is just a good deed and I am doing it to help the child. But I am also doing it because I can relate to the young child because I have fallen off my bike before too. In addition, if my child were tangled underneath a bicycle, I would want someone to help them. This is an example of being selfish. Although one may think they are just doing a good deed, they are also being selfish. In addition, we also discussed the possibility of giving a dollar to a man smelling of booze. Would you give him a dollar to just go away or for you to be closer to God or not give him a dollar at all? To me, I would not give him a dollar because I do not know what he would do with the money and I wouldn’t want him to buy more booze. I also do not believe one sure do something just to be closer to God. I strongly believe one should do what they believe is right and in the end, may or may not be rewarded.

            In response to whosaidwhatnow, I agree that we do have these ideas conditioned in us whether that is classical conditioning or operant conditioning. Therefore, I agree with you on the fact that none of our actions are truly selfless. There is always some art within us doing the deed to benefit ourselves. Like you said, we have learned these throughout our lives from parents, friends and peers and have carried this knowledge with us throughout life. For example, if we saw our parents help someone change a tire on the side of the street or help push a car out of a snow bank, we would follow this example and believe that was the right thing to do. No one ever told us what was right or now, we just do what we believe is right. Selfishness is a very good thing, but I believe it is very hard to do because we are so genetically prone to being selfish in our lives today.


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