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This week we did not have class due to Thanksgiving break. My thanksgiving was really fun. My mom made the turkey so our friends and family all gathered at my house for the festivities. Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. I celebrate Eid twice a year, but I am usually busy with school during Eid. For thanksgiving, I get time to relax and spend time with family. After we stuffed ourselves with amazing food, my cousins and I watched Jane Eyre. That may not seem like a fun holiday movie, but to me it definitely is! We watch a lot of period dramas in my household, and Jane Eyre is one of my favorites. You can’t go wrong with Michael Fassbender! I always watch way too much TV when I’m at home. I also watch too much TV when I’m at my apartment, so I suppose I should work on that. The day after thanksgiving, my parents and I went to watch Interstellar in IMAX (duh). It was incredible. It’s hard to describe the movie to people who haven’t seen it, but it is a mind-blowing, transporting, all-consuming experience. I have never been a big Matthew McConaughey fan, but he was amazing in it. There really aren’t many films that are able to sustain such a grand and adventurous scope while also providing emotional depth and meaning behind it. I feel like Interstellar did it all. I basically cried the entire time.

I’m a little bummed to be back at school this week. I mean, I like most of my classes, but I am not looking forward to taking exams next week. I thought that maybe thanksgiving break would rejuvenate me for some good hard work for the next two weeks, but it honestly made me want to stay curled up in my bed and not study at all. We’ll see how it goes. Happy Thanksgiving.


So, as all of the previous blogs mentioned, we didn’t have class this week because of Thanksgiving break. I am honestly glad that we had this break because it was much needed. I was originally planning on using these days to study for my finals coming ahead, but instead, used it to catch up on missed time with friends and family. Not only did I spend my time socially, but I spent alot of my time alone reflecting on how much my life has changed from the past year. I kept comparing my past thanksgiving with this years, and my relationships, and where I am in my life, with last year. I spent a lot of my time with my younger brother. He recently developed many food allergies, so preparing this year’s thanksgiving meal was a bit tricky, because we had to check the ingredients of every. single. food product.

I also caught on with a few of my favorite television shows. I finished the fourth season of Pretty Little Liars, and the third season of Criminal Minds. The fifth season of pretty little liars is on the air, but won’t be available on Netflix until June of 2015. But this is probably a good thing, so I can focus on my finals during these last two weeks. Another observation I made over the break was the commonality of depression seen amongst several of my friends. A few of them recently got married, some applying to medical school, and others having family problems. Depression is something we see as extremely serious, dangerous, and uncommon, when sadly, I think it has become the norm of our society.

Since we did not have class this week and Professor Mozaffar insisted that we STILL write a blog post, I would like to talk about how tankful I am to have such an understanding man as a Professor, mentor, and friend. For real though I am truly blessed to be a part of such a diverse community here at Loyola. Not many people have the opportunity to come to such a beautiful school and experience and be a part of all of the different things available on campus. I am blessed for he amazing people I have become friends with, and I am blessed for he opens that I consider to be my life long friends. I am blessed for everything that I have and all of the opportunities given to me by God and my parents. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break and was able to enjoy the time off from school and the super non tasty food that we are forced to eat on this campus. I hope that someday I can be thankful for he peace that has been brought upon this world in terms of race, religion, sexuality, gender and every other group of people that ha experienced discrimination and oppression in this world. I hope to one day see a world united, working together, to provide a better life experience for the generations to come. I hope to see everyone work together. I am thankful for everything thatI have and everyone in my life.

We didn’t have class during our thanksgiving break, so instead of writing about a topic related to the lecture, Professor Mozaffar gave us the opportunity to write about anything. In the spirit of thanksgiving, I’d like to write about how much thankful I am to receive an education at loyola, let alone an education at all. Across the world, many people are deprived of education for numerous reasons such as war, poverty, family obligations, ect. This is an opportunity most people including myself take for granted. I also really enjoyed the movies we watched in this class. They have given me a broader perspective on the different cultures affiliated with Islam rather than just the stereotypical ones. My favorite out of the movies was Malcolm x, as I think it had the best production and story line. My second favorite out of them was the life of Muhammed Ali. Watching it the second time allowed me to appreciate the message even more.

In response to hmluc,

I agree that watching how the tradition evolves as you and the relatives you grew up with as a kid all grow older. The relatives  who are now in high school and college all have different unique experiences and opinions. As kids, these experiences were all mostly the same and didn’t care enough to be opinionated about issues that actually matter. It’s also sad to see the once young and energetic adults age and become weaker. This reality is life and there’s nothing that can be done to prevent that, but it’s interesting to observe the changes in family dynamic throughout years. Aside from this, I have to say the thanksgiving food I had this break was overwhelimingly delicious. It was a good break from the terrible food we have on this campus. Peace.

Since we didnt have class this past week because of the Thanksgiving holiday, we were told to write a blog pertaining to just about anything. In my blog, I just want to talk about how thankful I am to be able to be apart of this class, and apart of a college community in general. A huge majority of the world’s population does not have the types of opportunities and resources that we here in the United States do, and it is humbling to think about the fact that I am part of the small minority of humans that can pursue a higher form of education. Being in this class, as well as all other classes at Loyola, is a blessing in the sense that I have the opportunity to learn about so many different things and have so many enriching experiences. I am thankful that my parents made sacrifices in order to put me in a good university, and gave me the right resources and opportunities in order for me to be successful.

In response to thefallenking991, I too agree that we watched some pretty great films in class. All of them differed in some way, but they all came together to shed some light on different aspects of Islam in in our society. Going into this class I believed that  I would be learning facts of the religion that I was already familiar with, but after sitting through the classes and even watching the movies, I have learned so much more than facts and have been able to learn about the role of Islam in the lives of Muslims and its effect on the world in general.

This week was Thanksgiving break so we didn’t have a class. For this blog we can talk about whatever we want. I would like to say that semester was incredibly fast, the first day of the semester looks like as if it was yesterday. I really enjoyed this class as I learned a lot from it. Through out out the semester we watched a lot of inspiring movies, that could teach us some about of Islam and point out to the differences between the tradition of Islam and the Nation of Islam. Because this week is in fact thanksgiving week I would like to say that Its really nice to have such a day that we can be thanks-full to all the great blessings that we have but I think that it would much more great if we try to be always thanks full not just on this certain day.

In response to the   I totally agree with you that the movies that we watched were amazing. And by also being a Muslim I did not think that this class will be this much interesting. I thought that we will be going over things that I already know, but I was surprised and really happy that it was not what I thought. I loved all the movies we watched in class.  I feel all these movies have something to do with what we are learning in class and at the same time it is very enjoyable to watch them.  Although I enjoyed watching the movie Argo, I really enjoyed watching the movie Wadjda and the trial of Malcolm X these two movies are the most ones that I liked in class. The trail of Malcolm X showed us how the Nation of Islam is a different religion than Islam.  ​

This week we didn’t have class because of Thanksgiving. I’m a little upset because I actually did have lab Tuesday evening, even though the schedule says that break starts after Tuesday at 5. Is that illegal to hold class? Who should I sue? Anyways, I usually get scared of this break because it leads up to finals week and I have a lot of work to do. However, this year, I don’t have too much work to do so that’s nice. I relaxed a lot and spent time with family and friends, stress free. Wednesday I went out to the city with friends and went to go see Mockingjay. It kinda sucked, to be honest. I also got my MCAT score Wednesday so I was stress free after that. Thursday I played basketball in the morning and worked out so I felt less guilty about eating so much. Then Friday we went to see Interstellar and oh my god, that was the best movie I’ve ever seen. Christopher Nolan continues to impress.

In response to thefallenknight991, I agree that the class was not what I expected it to be. I have taken classes who’s professors have gotten a five for easiness and those classes have been ones that I have never put much stock into. However, this class wasn’t like any class I’ve ever taken. There is barely any emphasis on grades and points. Rather, it is all about learning and understanding them. This is such a change in pace for a premed student and I really appreciate it.