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Post #2: The Koran By heart

Posted on: September 13, 2015

I watched the movie “Koran by heart”, which overlaps with last week’s lecture about the Quran. The movie “Koran by heart” starts by showing kids from all over the world memorizing and reciting the Quran. A number of children are then chosen to compete in Egypt at a prestigious competition ( for Quran recital). The qualifying rounds lasted for three days and nights. The contestants are split into categories based on how much they have memorized. The big prize includes, being honored on national T.V by Egypt’s president on the holiest night of Ramadan. These contestants are not only judged on memorizing words, but also on tajweed; words coming from chest or throat, certain pronunciation of syllables or rhythm. The two intriguing contestants were Nabioallah and Rifdha. Nabioallah is a ten year old kid from Tajukistan. He has an impeccable deep connection with the Quran. He recites with his eyes closed, because he imagines the words on the page in his head. Although he does not speak Arabic, he has great pronunciation and a beautiful voice. This signifies great dedication and deep interest in his religion and in the word of God. Rifdha on the other is a ten year old girl from the Maldives, she also recited beautifully with great pronunciation despite the fact that she does not speak Arabic at all. An important point that has been highlighted, is that Rifdha is a girl competing with boys. This is significant to mention because, Islam believes that men and women are equals. The prophet’s wife Aysha taught men how to read and write with her voice by reciting the Quran. However, today there is a big misconception about women in Islam. Many believe that they are oppressed or restricted, often times those are cultural barriers where women are not allowed to reach their full potential and excel. I think that Rifdha and Nabioallah are great examples for muslims all over the world today. It is important to understand and memorize the word of God, because if it is taught and memorized God will reward you in a successful life and after life.

In response to doublestuffedoreo93: As mentioned in class, the Quran is the word of God and it means a reciting. The Quran reflects the first revelation that was given to the prophet Mohammed. Mohammed heard the text from the angel Gabrielle then he recited to his companions and followers. After his death, they wrote the text down but they wanted to ensure that the sound was preserved so they codified the rules of tajweed. When copies of the Quran where sent out they sent along a reciter, so people would hear the sound from the beginning. I completely agree that the Quran is magnificent, it id not only a book of worship. It’s a guide for life, it explains minute details like how to meet and interact with people, how to set meetings and how to apologize if one is mistaken and how to be tolerant.

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