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In response to rims1313 I also agree with you on your opinion of Malcolm X the movie.  I enjoyed this movie because I saw how religion played such an important role in Malcolm’s life and how he changed into a completely different man after converting to Islam.  Although he was faced with many difficulties being black during the time frame of the civil rights movement he still did not let his guard down and kept his faith in his religion and encouraged others to do so as well.

After watching all of these movies in this course I have realized how religion plays a huge role in one’s individual life and society at large.  Religion shapes one’s morals, character, and their role within society and this has been a reoccurring theme in all the movies that we have watched so far.  In each of the movies we saw how some individuals abide strictly to Islam while others not so much.  Even so, it can be seen that no matter the amount of influence religion has on the individual, the day to day decisions are based upon what one believes in and consequentially these decisions can define their character.




This week in class was very informative and interesting. The movie we watched in class was so interesting I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. This movie really displayed the struggle that Malcolm X went through and all the turmoil he had to face as a group and most importantly, alone. It’s very difficult to live in the days of what was going on because of what everyone had to go through. I felt very bad when I saw Malcolm X get shot down like an animal for no reason. His followers were not being very loyal to him and didn’t even give him the benefit of the doubt. He was a beautiful who wanted to stand up for what was right. It was right of him to go down as a martyr and suffer the way he suffered at the end. His family went though a lot during and after his death and his so called “followers” should get an eye for an eye.

I want to comment on  @cooper120 and I couldn’t agree more with what you said. I also enjoy having conversation with other about what went on and the attacks that occur throughout. Its all about being a good person and giving back to society. The events of what occurred at Paris was a huge shame and I for one think that it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It really hurts me to see the faces of those people in Paris who had to suffer this tragic loss and have to deal with not seeing their friends, family, and loved ones anymore due to this horrific attack. I for one always stand by what’s right and my prayers go out to everyone in Paris.


I never got a chance to talk about the movie on Malcolm X so I thought I’d take the time to do so. Overall I thought this was a great movie, I truly enjoyed it. I thought it was interesting how much Malcolm had changed since the beginning of the movie till the end. His ideologies were completely different by the end of the movie. I also thought it was great how he stood up for what he believed. Even though the others did not follow what he believed and threatened to hurt him and his family he stood up.

In response to @sahmed1231 I also thought the scene where Malcolm was in jail and learned about Islam was quite moving. I would also agree that I did not really know that the movie we were watching was about Malcolm X in the beginning. In fact, I didnt really like it at first but by the end I began liking it. I thought it was quite terrible and heart touching what happened in the end, when Malcolm died.

So we did not have class this week, but I did happen to work on my paper #4 and look over the final exam. As I worked on my paper throughout the break, I realize a lot about the holidays as @freebird27 mentioned. Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been huge in my family. It’s like as soon our birthdays have passed, the next big gift or time we look forward to are the winter holidays. Even with my friends, I always ask them “So what do you guys want for Xmas this year?” and we always have secret santa parties, Christmas baking parties, etc. But when it comes to Eid, there have been times where my family has barely even celebrated. There have been times when we haven’t gone to mosque, or we simply send an “Eid Mubarak” text message rather than actually meeting up with the whole family as tradition used to hold. I’m really not sure as to why this is. Maybe it’s because of the current westernized times we live in? I do know that even when Eid comes around, it is well known in my family just as much as Christmas is. It’s just that Christmas holds a more vibrant time in our minds I suppose. Being Muslim, I also get asked as to why we even celebrate Christmas and I always say how we basically just do presents in the morning and then chill all day with each other, maybe even go sledding in the backyard (if snow permits). On Eid, lots of Muslims will get various presents, money, etc. But for my family, we don’t always remember these gifts – yet Christmas is something we never forget.

Looking at our final exam, I didn’t realize just how much we covered in class! Simply looking at our movies in general shocked me because of the large amounts we covered in the span of a semester. I feel like every movie had a different genre but similar concept of what we were and are trying to cover in this class. They even varied in languages but at the end of it all, looking back, it is all so similarly narrowed into religion and culture all around us. I find it fascinating that movies throughout various times and various parts of the world can combine to pass along such a similar message. I enjoyed watching all the movies, even if I didn’t seem to understand them right away. They all had an impact on me which I will hopefully be able to discuss more in our final!


I was not in class last week but with the holidays coming up I wanted to talk about my experience as a Muslim growing up in a Muslim household and celebrating Christmas for over ten years. Christmas is such festive time. Ever since I can remember, my mom gave me and my sibling gifts every year. As we grew up, the traditions only became more apparent in our home. We got a bigger tree, decorating the tree and our home became an event and now we even have Christmas parties with my extended family. I always get asked why we celebrate Christmas even though we’re Muslims and I cannot honestly come up with a good reason. All I know is that this holiday has actually been bringing my family closer. Now with all of my extended family gathering for Christmas as we exchange gifts and laughs, it surprising to me that we get together for this but don’t have as big of a celebration for Eid. So there really is not reason why we celebrate it, but I know that I enjoy this time of the year and it brings the family together so I don’t argue it!

In response to serendipity923, I also took a look at the final exam prompt and it so interesting to see what a wide range of movies we watched throughout the semester. We watched films that took place in different time periods, different settings with Muslims with different backgrounds. I agree with serendipity923 that the movies really showed how religion plays an impact in one’s life. Starting the class with My Name is Khan, we saw how being a Muslim in the US comes with certain struggles and issues. Ending the class with watching Malcolm X, we saw how Islam bound so many Americans together. Overall, it was a great experience watching these movies and seeing how Islam impacts Muslims all over the world.

This week, we did not meet for class. However, I started to take a look at the final to get a head start. Over the course of looking over the prompts, I paid particular attention to all of the movies that we had watched in class. In particular, I really enjoyed how all of the themes in all of the movies, ranging from individual family dynamics to societal dynamics played huge roles in every plot. It was interesting to take a step back and realize that all of the movies had religion play huge roles, influencing the morality, ethics, and conduct of all individuals. In some movies we saw individuals abide strictly by their religious values and used it guide all of their actions (Malcolm X) compared to those who challenged them (Wajdja). Furthermore, observing the societal dynamics also showed some movies where some were far stricter (Wajdja) compared to others (A Separation).  All of the movies we watched showed various facets of life, societal expectations, and religious values.

Furthermore, I wanted to respond to freshlikezamzam. I also watched “What a Billion Muslims Really Think,” and too found the movie empowering to watch. A lot of time, I feel as though Islam is being portrayed poorly in Western media, further perpetuating negative views that continue to drive the wedge between non-Muslims and Muslims. Though I understand that a small group of Muslims have been responsible for a multitude of heinous crimes, it still makes no sense why it becomes the actions of all Muslims. Perhaps one day it will be more common to realize that the religion itself not to blame, the individuals themselves.

We did not meet this week but I would like to take time to talk about Thanksgiving . First off, as a Muslim raised individual, Thanksgiving has almost always been a part of our family tradition. Every year we gather around at someone’s house and share a traditional Thanksgiving meal. We talk about what we are thankful for and we share stories amongst each other. Thanksgiving is a time for family bonding and coming together. My family does not partake in Black Friday necessarily but I do. This year, after dinner I went to the mall and met up with a few friends. It was around 1 AM but the lines were already insane. I remember when I was younger stores would not open until 5 AM. Today, some stores stay open for more than 24 hours at a time. In response @abc1232015 I also agree with the fact that Black Friday is not necessarily Haram but I think it becomes questionable when people put materialistic things before family. I think that this is wrong because holidays should be spent in the company of loved ones. We as a society are driven by consumerism and it often masks the true meaning behind holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holiday season becomes materialistic and people put their effort in gearing up for the season by spending hours at the mall rather than spending valuable time at home with loved ones. Earlier this weekend, my mom’s brother-in-law passed away. This news really shook up my family as my mom was very close to him. When I found out, I could not believe the news. It took some time for it to finally sink in and now my heart is heavy with the tragedy that has occurred. I was in awe of the courage and level headed attitude from my cousins. My beloved uncle’s sudden death reminded me of how short one’s life is and how important it is to cherish moments with one’s family.