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Blog #9: Islam Connected to My Life

Posted on: November 1, 2015

In class this past week, we did exercises with each of our five senses. I really enjoyed these exercises as it allowed me to get in touch and connect with those parts of my body for even just a short while. Even though each exercise was only 15 seconds, I found it rather difficult to even focus for that long. It made me realize how many places my mind is at one given time. When I was forced to focus on one thing for a while, I found my mind slowly drift to other things without me even realizing. The second time we did each exercise, I found myself able to focus a little better, but it was still challenging. I think that those are good focusing exercises and over time with practice I feel they would allow you to be better connected with your body, and help re-focus you when you are feeling stressed or your mind feels scattered and in a million different places.

In response to @freshlikezamzam, I agree, and had also never heard of the three levels of Islam. I enjoyed learning about these, and throughout that part of the lecture, I was trying to connect it to my Christian faith and my personal experiences of each of the levels. Most of the time, I experience my faith on the level of Islam, going throughout my day not thinking about or making connections to God. There are times, however where I have experienced faith on the level of Iman, where I think of God as putting specific events in my life for a reason and thinking of God first after I see or experience something. It could be something as simple as a sunrise, where I think of God first, and thank God for blessing me with it. It could also be something such as a major event in my life, either happy or sad, that I think of God and think that whatever event that just happened is a message or sign from God, helping me determine my next step in life. I was able to make many connections to my personal life and faith during this portion of the lecture, which I enjoyed very much.

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