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Blog Post #10: Balance

Posted on: November 8, 2015

This past week, we discussed many different spiritual concepts. The more concepts we discussed, the more I saw connections between them and the importance of balancing them out (fear/hope, balancing desires, etc.). It made me look at my life and reflect on whether or not my life is balanced. I’ve realized that as a college student, it is hard to keep everything balanced. Discussing these concepts in one of the most unbalanced semesters for me helped me to reflect on where I am and what I need to do to regain some balance back into my life. These concepts I think could very well tie in with what we discussed two weeks ago in class, about using your senses to bring you back to your center. I feel like that can help with finding good balance between the spiritual concepts we learned about this past week. Looking forward, I could see using these ideas to help me in creating a better, more balanced life for myself.

In response to @earofvangogh I agree with your thoughts on connections between religions. I, too, was raised Catholic, but am making connections and agreeing with many things I have learned in this course. I love how I am able to relate a lot of the information to my life, even though I am not Muslim. This is one of the things I think is so beautiful about religion in general. While there are many different religions practiced throughout the world, they can all be connected and tied to similar basic truths of being good and kind to others all while finding true happiness within yourself. Even if someone is not religious, I still feel like the things we have talked about in class, especially this past week, can be relatable to them. I feel like some of these practices can be beneficial to anyone, and that is something that I really like.

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