Islam students at LUC

Kristen Stewart

Posted on: November 15, 2015

Lately I have had a growing interest in how Islam addresses the human condition. Specifically when it comes to how the everyday person navigates his or her life. Growing up within the Christian religion, I always felt as though there was only room for black and white scenarios of living. The teachings about how people should act were almost exclusively told through proverbs. I’m sure Islam isn’t as easy-peezy as I’m making it seem. The discussions that we’ve had regarding the concepts in class seem so progressive and open about how flawed people can be. Real issue like hope, and fear, and happiness. The ending of Camp X-Ray was interesting. Like A Seperation I was conflicted because I couldn’t tell if I was happy with the ending. I have always had mixed feelings towards the military and I still do. I just don’t understand how people can be so easily swayed to be pitted against one another.

In response to @sonder786, I like how you refer to our discussion about what we’d be willing to do for money as a question of morality. I think it is one, and you are right. But I am not so sure the situation can be dissected as easily. If a person were to accept the money, I wouldn’t assume that they were automatically wrong.

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