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Blog Post #12: Justice for All

Posted on: November 20, 2015

This past week in class, we discussed Justice. We learned about how justice simply means finding an equilibrium and putting things in their proper place. We talked about the four aspects of life that justice focuses on (shelter & sustenance, trade & travel, security from fear, and religious observance). Doing each feature justice means calling to what is right in each and forbidding what is wrong in each. I think the most interesting aspect of this lecture was the idea that everyone is responsible for the injustice in the world, even if only a small portion of the world is inflicting that injustice. I had to think about this idea for a while, but in the end, I think it makes sense, because it makes us all responsible for taking a part in ending injustice, for it is not one single person’s job to put an end to it, but the job of everyone.

In light of my response to this week’s lecture, I would like to tie it in with the response from @finneas93. I wish we could have gotten a chance to discuss the recent attacks in Paris and Beruit, for I have also seen and heard of the backlash that has been going around in the news and social media, saying that Islam is a religion that promotes hate and violence, when really, ISIL is a small group of a group of people and a great misrepresentation of a religion that actually promotes peace. It reminds me of the lecture we attended as a class a few weeks ago about ISIL and how the group does not portray the religion of Islam correctly at all. I could not think of a better time to be taking this class, and to be educating myself on what Islam is truly about. I knew Islam was never a violent religious group anyway, but I am so glad to be learning about it in greater detail now, so I could possibly help spread the message about and bring justice to the truth of what Islam really is all about.


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