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This week in class we talked about the three levels of getting closer to God. The first is islam and that is where the vast majority of Muslims are. It is nothing special because it is just meeting the basic requirements and not going above and beyond. The next level is iman and that is where you see everything as a sign of God. That is amazing that someone can look at anything and automatically think of God. It is difficult enough to try to remember God in good moments but the person at this level does not even have to be reminded. The third level is ihsan and that is where the person is in constant communication with God. Literally everything they do is worship. They are constantly in a state of prayer. We also discussed the topic of justice. I liked how it compared with the Christian idea of social sin. It is the Muslims’ resposiblities to make sure that society is just for everyone. If justice is not achieved, it is each person’s fault because everyone needs to work towards justice. Social sin in Christianity works the same way. It is everyone’s faults for the problems in society.


Since we did not have class this week, I decided to watch one of the at home movie assignments from a couple weeks ago. I watched the documentary called “Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think,” which is an hour long piece that focuses on what Muslims around the world have to say about certain issues and questions. Some of the questions that stood out to me were,“Who are the extremists and how do Muslims feel about them?” and “What do Muslims like and dislike about the West?” The responses that the majority of the Muslims that were interviewed gave were not that surprising. They feel that the West are quick to judge all Muslims are stereotype them, as they generalize them for being terrorists. This is obviously not true and this is something that needs to change. Also, the people interviewed all said pretty much the same thing about who the extremists are. They said that those people are not what Islam is about and they are acting on their own desires and that they are inhumane.

In response to landocalrissiano, I really enjoyed reading what you had to say about the different levels of submission a person goes through when they are trying to get closer to God. The first level, which has the largest amount of people in it, is Islam, which is characterized by someone who shows obedience and submission to God. The second level, which has a significantly smaller amount of people in it, is Iman, which is represented by a fully rounded character and people can feel secure when around an Iman. The third and final level, which houses the smallest number of people of the three, is Ihsan, which wis represented by perfection and beautification. There is no surprise that there are only a select few people out in the world who have achieved Ihsan, since it is like next to impossible to find someone who is perfect in every sense. The main thing to get out of this is that as you move from one level to the next, you are shrinking the size of the circle of people in each level and you are also getting closer and closer to God.