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Since we did not have class this week (Wednesday evening) I’ll talk more about the roles we learned and what I thought about the movie, Malcolm X. Some of the Muslim traits we talked about last week that really stuck out to me were: Sadness, Hunger/Desire, Humidity, and finding the self’s flaws. Sadness is one of the reactions of life, because the world will hit you with things. Being sad about things you should be sad about is okay but never fall into despair, and  you’re saying essentially that God is merciful. Theres always a way out, theres always a way you deal with the situations and face it. Hunger/Desire is a natural design of the mind is a curiosity. And everyone has these senate hunger and the key is to fulfill that hunger in appropriate methods. Humidity is associated with humility with weakness but in Islam its not weakness, and you’re not expecting people to treat you at the level of respect you think I have. Lastly, finding the self’s flaws is to be brutally honest with yourself, if you see faults in someone else be sure you don’t have those faults. And in the movie of Malcolm X, The film dramatizes key events in Malcolm X’s life: his criminal career, his incarceration, his conversion to Islam, his ministry as a member of the Nation of Islam and his later falling out with the organization, his marriage to Betty X, his pilgrimage to Mecca and reevaluation of his views concerning whites, and his assassination on February 21, 1965. Defining childhood incidents, including his father’s death, his mother’s mental illness, and his experiences with racism are dramatized in flashbacks. I think it has been a good movie I wish it d dint focus so much on the negatives but I think its necessary to have a positive outlook on his life afterwards.

In response to bossman28, its really nice that you watched a video that was assigned a while ago. That is very interesting to see how all Muslims do agree that the people that are committing terrorists acts are not actually Muslim and use the religion of Islam to cover up their actions. Or even about extremists or the west I think Muslims abroad definitely have a distinct view about the muslim culture in American but I think many people have negative views that we exploit things and change the culture but I guess in that video they don’t think so which is nice to see.