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Blog 13

Posted on: November 30, 2015

We did not meet this week but I would like to take time to talk about Thanksgiving . First off, as a Muslim raised individual, Thanksgiving has almost always been a part of our family tradition. Every year we gather around at someone’s house and share a traditional Thanksgiving meal. We talk about what we are thankful for and we share stories amongst each other. Thanksgiving is a time for family bonding and coming together. My family does not partake in Black Friday necessarily but I do. This year, after dinner I went to the mall and met up with a few friends. It was around 1 AM but the lines were already insane. I remember when I was younger stores would not open until 5 AM. Today, some stores stay open for more than 24 hours at a time. In response @abc1232015 I also agree with the fact that Black Friday is not necessarily Haram but I think it becomes questionable when people put materialistic things before family. I think that this is wrong because holidays should be spent in the company of loved ones. We as a society are driven by consumerism and it often masks the true meaning behind holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. The holiday season becomes materialistic and people put their effort in gearing up for the season by spending hours at the mall rather than spending valuable time at home with loved ones. Earlier this weekend, my mom’s brother-in-law passed away. This news really shook up my family as my mom was very close to him. When I found out, I could not believe the news. It took some time for it to finally sink in and now my heart is heavy with the tragedy that has occurred. I was in awe of the courage and level headed attitude from my cousins. My beloved uncle’s sudden death reminded me of how short one’s life is and how important it is to cherish moments with one’s family.




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