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Blog Post #13

Posted on: November 30, 2015

So we did not have class this week, but I did happen to work on my paper #4 and look over the final exam. As I worked on my paper throughout the break, I realize a lot about the holidays as @freebird27 mentioned. Thanksgiving and Christmas have always been huge in my family. It’s like as soon our birthdays have passed, the next big gift or time we look forward to are the winter holidays. Even with my friends, I always ask them “So what do you guys want for Xmas this year?” and we always have secret santa parties, Christmas baking parties, etc. But when it comes to Eid, there have been times where my family has barely even celebrated. There have been times when we haven’t gone to mosque, or we simply send an “Eid Mubarak” text message rather than actually meeting up with the whole family as tradition used to hold. I’m really not sure as to why this is. Maybe it’s because of the current westernized times we live in? I do know that even when Eid comes around, it is well known in my family just as much as Christmas is. It’s just that Christmas holds a more vibrant time in our minds I suppose. Being Muslim, I also get asked as to why we even celebrate Christmas and I always say how we basically just do presents in the morning and then chill all day with each other, maybe even go sledding in the backyard (if snow permits). On Eid, lots of Muslims will get various presents, money, etc. But for my family, we don’t always remember these gifts – yet Christmas is something we never forget.

Looking at our final exam, I didn’t realize just how much we covered in class! Simply looking at our movies in general shocked me because of the large amounts we covered in the span of a semester. I feel like every movie had a different genre but similar concept of what we were and are trying to cover in this class. They even varied in languages but at the end of it all, looking back, it is all so similarly narrowed into religion and culture all around us. I find it fascinating that movies throughout various times and various parts of the world can combine to pass along such a similar message. I enjoyed watching all the movies, even if I didn’t seem to understand them right away. They all had an impact on me which I will hopefully be able to discuss more in our final!


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