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Posted on: November 30, 2015

I was not in class last week but with the holidays coming up I wanted to talk about my experience as a Muslim growing up in a Muslim household and celebrating Christmas for over ten years. Christmas is such festive time. Ever since I can remember, my mom gave me and my sibling gifts every year. As we grew up, the traditions only became more apparent in our home. We got a bigger tree, decorating the tree and our home became an event and now we even have Christmas parties with my extended family. I always get asked why we celebrate Christmas even though we’re Muslims and I cannot honestly come up with a good reason. All I know is that this holiday has actually been bringing my family closer. Now with all of my extended family gathering for Christmas as we exchange gifts and laughs, it surprising to me that we get together for this but don’t have as big of a celebration for Eid. So there really is not reason why we celebrate it, but I know that I enjoy this time of the year and it brings the family together so I don’t argue it!

In response to serendipity923, I also took a look at the final exam prompt and it so interesting to see what a wide range of movies we watched throughout the semester. We watched films that took place in different time periods, different settings with Muslims with different backgrounds. I agree with serendipity923 that the movies really showed how religion plays an impact in one’s life. Starting the class with My Name is Khan, we saw how being a Muslim in the US comes with certain struggles and issues. Ending the class with watching Malcolm X, we saw how Islam bound so many Americans together. Overall, it was a great experience watching these movies and seeing how Islam impacts Muslims all over the world.

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