Islam students at LUC

Posted on: December 8, 2015

There is great importance attached to teaching the study of Islam. I believe that it is critical to make Islamic theology courses more accessible to the public. The internet may be a great source, but it is hard to guarantee factual information. Having factual knowledge may allow the public to make their own, informed decisions, rather than eating what the media feeds them. In the age of Globalization, respecting and understanding various faiths is crucial for peaceful coexistence. Learning about Islam may shine light on the similarities it has with other religions.

In response to 6, it’s great to hear that you’ve gained so much out of this class. I think that achieves the entire point of the course, having people leave with a holistic understanding of Islam and its studies. It may be impossible to teach everything about Islam in one semester, let alone one lifetime. But it is reasonable to leave with an understanding of the fundamentals.

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