Islam students at LUC

Posted on: December 8, 2015

I came into class not knowing much about the study of Islam. There were several pieces of information that really surprised me. For example, I was really impressed by how the Hadith came to be compiled. It was such a long, intricate process that involved a lot of double-checking. Even more impressively, the pieces of information had to be compiled from memory. This feat seems extraordinary to me, as this day in age, memorization is barely used. It was a different time, but the dedication and commitment was impressive in order to achieve such a task.

In response to serendipity 923, I agree with your thoughts. I also really liked how the Professor gave us  opportunities to reflect on our lives and therefore open the door to change for the better. The lessons we learned in class were truly valuable, not only for the Muslim students. Not only did we learn about Islamic culture, but the ideologies that go into Islam. I would also like to thank the Professor for an amazing semester.

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