Islam students at LUC

The Final Post

Posted on: December 8, 2015

I enjoyed this class very much. I didn’t know much about Islam going into the class, but was excited for all the new information I was going to learn. I really enjoyed how this class was structured, with half the class being lecture and the other half being a movie. The lectures were structured in a way that made them interesting to listen to and even offered many opportunities for class participation to make the lectures unique to our class, while still learning all the required content. The movies were all very interesting and offered us different insights on Islam and how it is portrayed in various parts of the world. I looked forward to this class every week, and I am actually sad that it is over. I am so glad I took this class because now I have a greater understanding of Islam in a time where Muslims are being incorrectly portrayed by the media. I understand that what the media mostly says about Muslims is quite inaccurate and I can use my knowledge to now inform others so they better understand as well.

I agree with @koalabear93 in the idea that classes that teach Islam should be made more available to the public, especially during this time when so much is being said about Muslims that is inaccurate and the amount of people who don’t understand the inaccuracy that is present. I think these types of classes should be made available for all religions, but especially Islam, simply due to the prevalence in today’s society. The media can twist the truth and can be very convincing for people who are uneducated about the religion. If more people were exposed to a class like this, I truly think there would be less misunderstanding and misrepresentation of the Muslim population and the true intentions and beliefs of the religion of Islam.

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