Islam students at LUC

Blog Post 14

Posted on: December 9, 2015

This was our last week of class, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this course. As someone raised Catholic, I began to question my faith during my final years of high school, and this questioning has continued through college. While I know my path to finding my faith is far from over, I loved increasing my knowledge of Islam, such a widespread faith, and seeing how religion impacts the lives of Muslims. I know I will continue with my interest in Islam, and I hope that my curiosity about other religions continues to grow and that it will help me to find my path of spirituality.

As far as the class itself, I think this is one of the best classes I have taken at Loyola. I think the topic matter is extremely important given what is happening around the world in terms of Islam, and it is important for college students to have a basis to understand the issues surrounding this religion so that they can make informed and intellectual decisions. I looked forward to this class every week, which is rare for me, and I have recommended this class to several friends, as it has been one of my favorites. Not only is the course material itself interesting, as well as the movies we watched entertaining, Mozaffar created a casual space for discussion that facilitated learning in such a fun and unique way, and I wish I had time to take more courses he offers!

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