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Posted on: December 9, 2015

For this lesson, we discussed the idea of justice as an equilibrium, where you must put things in their proper place and fulfill responsibilities. I think it is important to always have justice as an ideal to work towards, because without justice there is no progress. It is especially important in modern times, where human rights are being violated, discrimination is still prevalent, gaps in wealth and income are increasing, and poverty and hunger affect huge populations of the world. The idea that we are citizens of a society, and that we owe something to this society, is not a new notion, but I think it is one that we must truly embrace in order to overcome the tragic disparities present in our lives today.

I agree with @pizzaluvr5, in that I did not receive a lot of education on Malcolm X growing up, despite going to a diverse school with a large African American population. I feel as though the emphasis on Malcolm X was in relation to MLK, but his own accomplishments were kept separated from our lessons, because discussing Islam was never brought up in my elementary school days. I wish I had known more about him when I was growing up, because I think his contributions to the civil rights movement were significant, and that the way he went about things provides a great example for all who grow up with prejudices. I also wonder how the disparity in representation of African Americans that contributed to the civil rights movement came to be, with the actions MLK far outweighing any other civil rights activist during the time, as far as lessons about civil rights go.

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