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Posted on: December 9, 2015

We did not have class this week, and so I spent this time finishing Malcolm X (I was not sure how far we got into it in the last class, since I was absent), and found this movie to be extremely moving. As someone who considers herself well-rounded and who was exposed to African American culture throughout every level of education, I honestly did not even realize that Malcolm X was assassinated, and I’m extremely ashamed of that fact. I even had friends in school that were Muslim African Americans, yet I never really understood what that meant because I did not understand what it meant to be Muslim.

I agree with @landocalrissiano in that the portrayal of Malcolm X in the film was extremely life like, in that his flaws were portrayed as well as his idealized traits. I think that if Malcolm X had been portrayed as a martyr, the audience would not connect to his personal and spiritual growth, which I think are important for everyone to see. I think Malcolm X represents a way that we should all look at religion: while we can have our beliefs and stay committed to them, it is important to allow our faith to grow.

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