Islam students at LUC

Blog Post 13

Posted on: December 10, 2015

This past week we watched more of Malcolm X. I thought it was powerful to see Malcolm X rise through the ranks of the Nation of Islam to the point where he is one of the biggest leaders and speakers of the religion. Seeing him orchestrate that mob in front of the hospital and being able to stand up to the police just showed how much of an influence he had of the people. I think him joining the Nation of Islam ended up being influential to many people even though it is a completely wrong take on Islam. He helped the Civil Rights movement in ways no one else could.

In response to greenbaypackers87, My family celebrates thanksgiving as well. Every year for Thanksgiving my family on my dad’s side gets together to have dinner, and yes there is Turkey involved. I don’t celebrate it based on an Islamic or unislamic stance, it’s just part of my american culture. I think it is sad that black Friday shopping has become a big part of Thanksgiving as well. I think it has taken over the holiday to the point where it is completely commercialized and consumer driven. I also think it is incredible that there are now shops open on Thursday, Thanksgiving day. I think it’s sad that many people have to work on Thanksgiving and can’t be home with their families because of the crazed drive to get good deals right away on Thursday night.

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